Event • Cost: 5 • Influence: 0

Gain 9.

Lady Luck took the form of a hifi quantum manipulation ring that she wore on her middle finger.
Neutral • Kate Niemczyk • Core Set #50
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Sure Gamble
  • Sure Gamble requires 5 credits.
  • Runners start the game with 5 credits.

With it's unmatched click efficiency and it's prerequisite satisfied by the runner's opening hand, Sure Gamble is the best economic card for early pressure.

Early game credits are more important than late-game credits.

Thus: Sure Gamble is a very strong card.


  • Can give economic advantage to the runner due to burst credit nature
  • With planning this card can sustain a deck after the expensive runs


  • It requires a pool of 5 credits be kept free to allow play. This doesn’t happen in games against really taxing Corp decks
  • There are cheaper burst credit cards out there now (e.g. Lucky Find)


  • works really well in most decks
  • works well with other burst economy cards, e.g. Easy Mark, Lucky Find
  • works well as the single burst economy card with drip feed cards, e.g. Daily Casts

Final Thoughts

  • Sure Gamble used to be an auto-include in every runner deck. These days, though, there are so many economic models out there that it no longer holds that glorified spot of “auto-include”.
  • Sure Gamble is a fantastic card and provide extremely strong economic turn-around for the runner if it is played at the right time. This card can turn the tide of a game.

5 out of 5

3-of in just about every Runner deck, meaning you should have a good reason you aren't running it, makes this one of the best cards out there. Provides one of the best and most reliable economic bursts which makes it essential for getting though expensive Ice.

I dislike it :-)

It's still pretty essential of course and yet its theme only suits alimited set of the ID's mostly at the criminal end of the spectrum. I wish there was a card that did exactly the same thing, but had a theme better suited to a shaper mindset.

But I guess they do have Magnum Opus and can tutor for it these days. Maybe I just need to figure out better economic models for.