Resource: Connection • Install: 2 • Influence: 0

You cannot use Kati Jones more than once per turn.

: Place 3 from the bank on Kati Jones.

: Take all credits from Kati Jones.

"You aren't the only type of runner in New Angeles."
Neutral • Matt Zeilinger • Humanity's Shadow #91
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Kati Jones

Kati Jones provides a huge payoff for delaying gratification. She is ideal in a deck where your runs have some ability to fund or refund themselves, using cards like Lockpick, Desperado, and Dirty Laundry. The worst thing you can do is take credits from her every other turn, trying to recover from zero. Don't be afraid to click for credits the normal way while she charges up. When you finally take off her for X turns you get:

1 Turn: 1.5c/click

2 Turns: 2c/click

3 Turns: 2.25c/click

4 Turns: 2.4c/click

5 Turns: 2.5c/click

6 Turns: 2.57c/click

7 Turns: 2.62c/click

You'll notice two things. First, if you charge her for two turns (taking credits on the third) she is equal to Magnum Opus. This should be your baseline when deciding whether it's worth it to take the credits you need the old fashion way or off Kati. Second, after the sixth turn you get rapidly diminishing returns. Holding off until turn 8 won't help you that much more than turn 9.


Kati Jones is probably the best economy card the runner has for long term credits.

Reasoning: Magnum Opus takes up memory, meaning less space for breakers. Security Testing requires an undefended server Tri-maf Contact comes with a massive disadvantage.

1 click for 3 coins is insane. However, there are drawbacks.

Tagme decks shouldn't even consider this.

With the new Snatch and Grab, this is really dangerous to leave too much money on. For decks that need all their clicks (Medium megaturns) it takes a click to get your money.

Kah. Tee. —