Why is no one playing router? (4-1, 1st @ Odol be Running)

Matuszczak 1968

No idea, we've all been blind, the card is awesome (thank you @enkoder).

Wheel is also great, helps the Titan matchup immensely and is always useful, particularly if Corp turtles hard enough that it's hard to Apoc. Hippo helps vs DNA/Anansi/Chiyashi or any big ICE really, especially out of AgInf, which is the hardest of Jinteki matchups.

Otherwise just good stuff Apoc Anarch, the x1 slots need some testing, I seem to be liking DreamNet the least.

Special thanks to @Odol for organizing an awesome tournament and for convincing me that "better in Val" is still always true.

17 Aug 2020 tonybluehose

is Queen's Gambit in System Core? I love that card; forgot that it's available to us. :-)

17 Aug 2020 enkoder


17 Aug 2020 NetDad

Is "2,,: Corp loses 3" really that great? Looks nice with the Laundrys, but am I missing something big here? Might consider this in Eeveeloution

17 Aug 2020 enkoder

@NetDad router would be a good card if it read "as an additional cost to create a new server the corp must pay 1C". It's a fun tech card that makes the corp think differently.

18 Aug 2020 Shorty

Is HJR it a stable install in every game or do you install them only against a specific type of Corp deck? Do you think HJR is good in non Apoc-builds? I was thinking about the card recently but I am not sure if its really more than a soft hate card against horizontal deck like ASA or CTM. Thanks for posting and bye. =)

18 Aug 2020 Matuszczak

@NetDad you'll most often get Corp to lose 1 or more for the new server + you don't run archives just for the router pop unless it accomplishes something useful (which is more often than you'd expect, denying money for a key rez/Biotic/econ card).

18 Aug 2020 Longi

Hey Mateusz. Congrats on victory. Could you assess how often do you go for apoc plan and how often do you just go for reg anarch play? Also, compared to those sweet times when DDOS was accessible, do you think this archetyp is as strong a meta call as it used to be?

18 Aug 2020 Matuszczak

@Shorty not an autoinstall, but I usually played it unless there was already a remote in place and I didn't expect another. I haven't played much recently, so this will be based on 0 testing, but instinctively it should be even better in non-Apoc (asset matchups are tougher so help feels welcome). I like it because unlike most hate cards (e.g. Clot, Caldera, No One Home) it is an ok card in other matchups.

@Longithanks! My guesstimate would be like 60-40 in the matchups that have -teen ICE, more than that vs assets, hard to count vs Titan, it's often irrelevant there.

International meta-wise I think it's even stronger than it used to be, as a lot of the top corps are horizontal. I only heavily miss DDOS vs Corps that have good anti-apoc mechanisms (Odol's AgInf matchup went from hard to very hard, which as you know is an important concern if you're playing in Poland).