A Professor doesnt need Monoliths

Dottore2k 8

Just an untested thought. Uses the Monolith drawing and money making engine - but only for the toolbox. Self-modifying Code and Test Run to get the right programm in the Richt Place, Akamatsu Mem Chip for cheap Programm memory.

18 Dec 2013 Dottore2k

May I unpublish this Deck again? It looks to similar to the "Stroke of Genius!" deck I just saw. feeling ashamed

18 Dec 2013 HepatitvsJ

It's fine. The draw/program/freelance combo was around before that monolith build. A lot of decks on here are nothing new anyway. I think you would get more out of 3 clone chips to bring back key programs. I would drop -1 cloak, -1 chakana, -test run for +3 clone chip, +1 plascrete carapace. Your draw will get you whatever you need and the clone chips will let you get back whatever you need for a rig. :)

18 Dec 2013 PeekaySK

I've tried the engine with Professor as well, found it doesn't perform that well, though. The thing is, playing many programs is only part of why it works - you also want not being able to care about programs you ditch. That's much easier to achieve if you're playing multiple of copies of fewer programs, than if you're playing many one-ofs. With Professor, at the very least you need three Clone Chips, to use your heap as sort of an extended hand if you will.

And yeah, I feel The Toolbox is the best console for teh Prof, too!

Now, a couple thoughts about your particular program selection:

  • Drop Darwin, he's not worth it here. You want programs that are useful immediately, with little planning and preparation. Darwin takes time to set up, and even then, he's not particularly efficient.
  • Run Three Opuses™: you'll have the memory for it, and he'll keep you rolling in the dough pretty reliably. I'd probably drop the Test Runs for the extra copies
  • I'd run Ninja instead of the Cloaks&Dagger, you have much more interesting uses for the memory they eat up :)
  • Add a Faerie: you can thank me later (when you're done running through a surprise Janus for 6 creds, shouting "trolololol")
  • Two programs I've found really fun in Professor decks are Rook and Bishop. One saves you money, the other costs the corp money. Think of them as temporary things and watch how awesome they are.

Re: unpublishing - I feel like publishing is more of a "here's what I'm currently thinking about, gimme feedback" thing, so as long as you put in at least some description, it's fine. What I really dislike is those obvious half-finished drafts without a word of comment that keep flooding the "recent additions" section.