This card could be perceived as SUS in the year 2023, as there very well may be criminals AMONG US, even if it's not legal anywhere ;) These are extra words to justify this review. These are other extra words to justify this review.

[FFG Kitchen Table Meta Perspective] In my humble opinion as a newcomer: one of the dumbest cards ever printed. Of course you can play around almost everything, but holy moly! Luckily, Netrunner is inherently anti Pay to Win, so if you love to pummel your friends with this card, be ready to eat 10 tags when you'll switch sides hahaha

PS: Sorry for the rumbling, but coming from MTG, I just love how natural it's to swap decks, the self-sufficient pool, etc. Fosters a healthy competitiveness among friends: broken cards (like this) or decks are an issue for both players, there is no room for selfishness, excuses or "buy yourself better cards"... All that remains is your skills.

Long live ANR! <3

[FFG Kitchen Table Meta Perspective] Great toy for a Baba Yaga Crim Jank (goodbye Breach and your annoying 2 per subrutine). Outside of that, as a standard fracter in a "normal deck"... seems counterproductive? Or at least delicate to exploit.

<p>I think that the great advantadge of it was "it's influence free on criminal", but now it has to compete with Tremolo.</p> —

For those who don't know, the bloop was an extremely loud sound recorded within the Pacific ocean and for years thought most likely to come from an enormous aquatic organism, hence the art depicting a netspace fish and the flavor text hinting at a kind of underwater eldritch horror.

<p>Woooo, nice thing to know!</p> —

This card has changed the way I build and play runner decks. It's so difficult to run your strat without worrying about this card that my decks have become almost irrelevant if I dont's have a counter planned. Basically, I'm running with 3 clicks instead of 4 so I can clear tags before the end of my turn. It's brutal.

<p>Some of us from the old guard see this less as a change, and more as the return. We remember Scorched Earth+SEA Source, and we will never forget.</p> —
<p>It's good to see kill back in Startup, and while this isn't massively present currently it's nice to know we'll have something to succeed BOOM! in Standard come rotation.</p> —