Wow. Just, wow.

There's so much wrong with this card. Its waaaaaaaaaay too expensive and waaaaaaaaaay too weak to be particularly effective. I mean, I get the idea of this card: tag a fool, trash programs because of it. Trashing programs is one of the corp's most impactful tricks, probably the second most after killing them. However, simply reducing the runner's MU limit isn't really the way to do that. Its pussyfooting around the issue without actually doing the deed. Had this card been a bit less expensive and just said "trash 2 programs" instead, this would've been killer, especially at 0 influence.

So what's right? Just the concept and the artwork. Maybe I'm just a sucker for this kind of art, but I think its pretty cool.

I want to quickly note that this combos with Paige Piper to let you save the other 9 cards from being trashed. And to remove extra copies of the chosen card in your deck if you choose to. This enables playing lots of redundant cards, which helps with the random nature of Frantic Coding.

"[...]this combos with Paige Piper to let you simply trash ANY AMOUNT OF extra copies of the chosen card" ... Any includes 0. —
How does that even work, rules-wise? Can anybody explain it to me, step-by-step? — If the Corp uses the ability on The Foundry during the resolution of an Accelerated Beta Test, what happens? Each piece of ice is installed and rezzed one at a time. So the Corp installs the first piece of ice and then uses The Foundry to search R&D for another copy. This results in shuffling the other two looked at cards into R&D (they never actually leave R&D), preventing them from being installed or trashed. --- same interaction here. —
@Krams Good point! I'll edit that. —
If this actually works, and I guess it does based on Goldsteps explanation, then that changes things. This card alone sucks and would only be a worst case scenario play at best. But to search out a program among 10 cards, install it and save up to two credits (more with PpVP) is something else, something really good. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. —
Obviously I mean that to do so without trashing the other nine cards is something really good. —

I can only see this card being particularly effective if played twice in the same turn, perhaps via Archived Memories. However, the conspiracy breakers make it even less effective than it ever has been.

Imagine this: You're corp, you have 8 creds and a 2 card combo in hand and the runner is tagged. And you're playing Bad Times, Archived, Bad Times? Really? What happened to good old double Scorch? :D Yes, -4 mu is devastating to a normal runner with full rig. But so are other tag punishment cards. And most of them cost waaay less. I would _maybe_ play this if it would cost 1c, but not for 4c. —

One of the oldest cards outside of the core set to have real staying power, Plascrete is one of the games most common solutions to kill decks. Once Scorched Earth and now BOOM!, meat damage has been the meta's preferred means of killing for most of the games lifetime. Not a sexy card to talk about, but many still consider this card to provide protection.

Faust is among the most popular icebreakers in the meta. With multiple draw sources for Anarch like Wyldside, Inject, Obelus (with multi-access) and the Anarch recursion capabilities, Faust has many strengths and few weaknesses. Additionally complimentary breakers like the equally popular Paperclip can be installed directly from the heap after having been pitched. And while more "AI hate" ICE are being printed (e.g. IP Block, Chiyashi), none of them are yet as popular as Swordsman once was. Faust is likely to extend its run as one of the most common breakers in the game.