Poor Waiver. NBN's very own hand-wiping ICE alongside Komainu and Brainstorm, this little piece of bureaucracy has made shockingly little impact to the NBN ICE suite. This is a shame because it has a lot of things going for it.


5 strength code gates are always welcome

At a reasonable cost, too! 5 rez is one less than Fairchild 3.0, but you lose 2 subroutines and the bioroid weakness.

Ridiculously high face-check value, can be a devastating setback for a runner holding key pieces in hand

Even if you don't wipe their whole hand, you still get to snoop into the runner's grip and make informed decisions about your next move...

Possibly following up with Salem's Hospitality or a freshly rezzed Ibrahim Salem. A Neural EMP kill is also possible.


Is a Tracer, which can be invalidated by high link strength

Runner has control over what you trash, may spend only up to their most expensive card, this is mitigated by the fact that you can see their hand still.

Pretty weak to D4v1d, but taxing for other breakers

And don't forget, it also wipes any 0 cost cards if it gets to fire. There's quite a few of those common in decks. —

(Revised Core Set Perspective)

I have tried to make this card work time and time again in tagstorm NBN: Making News but I think it's safe to say NBN should stick to always watching rather than responding.

Dedicated Response Team is a thematically awesome card that goes along well with Weyland's strategy of kicking down doors, burning down buildings, and sending in the Cleaners afterwards. It's often compared to the remaining tag punishment cards in the RCS: Private Security Force, Closed Accounts, and Psychographics. Score a Cleaners quickly and this can really gain some massive firepower with 3 damage per successful run.

The problem is just that though; for DRT to fire, it requires the runner to make a successful run. Compared to the other 3 tag punishment cards above, each can be used immediately after landing a tag on the runner with a SEA Source. As such, these punishment cards can be used at the corp's discretion.

As an asset, DRT suffers from having to be on standby. It requires tag support in the form of cards that will tag mid-run - any other time and the runner will remove the tag on their turn. Currently, Weyland does not have the support cards necessary as Shadow's subs are often broken due to its low strength and Hunter is often overlooked compared to other Weyland sentries like Archer or Caduceus which both come with ETR subs.

This card might find a home in NBN decks with plenty of tag-friendly cards like Data Raven, TGTBT, or Ghost Branch if it weren't for its high influence cost of 3. An NBN player has to make a decision whether to include a few of these cards for consistent flatlines (as 1 DRT will very rarely secure the flatline alone) or save the influence altogether. Not to mention having to protect the DRTs constantly from being trashed by support cards like Scrubber or Imp or a rich runner in general.

All in all, I feel a simple change to this card could have made it more consistent for corps to use (Weyland or NBN): Adding a "This applies even during the run on which the runner trashes Dedicated Response Team." like Strongbox or Red Herrings. But perhaps that's asking for too much.

You have to take into account that, with Decoy permanently gone and Aaron Marron removed, tags would now be much more of a pain to avoid or remove. DRT could from now on be seen not as a flatline dispenser, but as a setback device that, when used properly, can cause one hell of a dilemma - risk running with commandos on my back? Or spare hard-earned resources to remove the threat and possibly open a scoring window for Corp? —

(Revised Core Set Perspective)

Have you ever wondered why Anonymous Tip almost never sees play but its runner-counterpart Diesel is used often (in and out of RCS)? Yeah, me neither.

The answer is quite simplistic - drawing a card has more marginal value to the runner than the corp. The biggest reason, of course, is that the corp player already has a mandatory draw every turn while the runner needs draws to get their rig set up quickly and sway the game state in their favour as turns go on. Meanwhile, the corp player isn't fishing for more draws, but more of that $$ to power their ICE, rez their assets, and advance their agendas.

In addition, a runner using Diesel can at worst get dead draws and end up discarding them at the end of their turn. For a desperate agenda-flooded corp, an Anonymous Tip into 2 more agendas is the last thing they want to see.

At the end of the day, it confuses me why they even made this a faction-specific card if not only because of Diesel getting the green light. There's no evident or immediate synergies with the rest of the NBN suite so maybe Jinteki might find some use for it to set up Celebrity Gifts. At least, it's a point of influence cheaper than its counterpart.

NBN still has some of the best fast advance tools and still has the draw tools for corp. The idea, out of revised core set is that if the runner is floating tags (Ghost Branch with a few counters, Data Raven over R&D or HQ without fear, Bernice Mai and TGTBT in a pinch) and you have a psychographics or a Beale, you can use cards like anonymous tip to find the other part... it's niche and risky and that's why you don't see it. But the card isn't useless... just not one that works without very specific tools and goals in mind. —

Dummy Box is essentially a huge middle finger to Skorpios. One thing they like to do is Best Defense one of your Sacrificial Constructs, because it has a play cost of zero credits, followed up by a Hunter Seeker to trash and remove your programs from the game. Dummy Box says "bollocks" to that by costing 1 credit, so it is not susceptible to the same line of play.

But even when not facing Skorpios, this card is extremely versatile. Got all your breakers installed and have a spare SMC or Magnum Opus in hand? Keep your programs safe from cards like Ichi 2.0 or Tithonium! Corp is trying to use Voter Intimidation to trash a highly valued resource like Beth or Film Critic? Trash a resource you don't need from your hand and you have Fall Guy for days!

Does that make it worth a place in your deck? Eeeeeeh, possibly? If you expect a lot of Skorpios, this is definitely a solid include and if you like to play safe, one Dummy Box never hurts. But I would not say it is a must include in most circumstances. 2 influence is also enough to make non-shapers think twice about including this, especially since deck spaces are super tight. Also, since this is a resource, it is not very good at protecting your resources if you have trouble shaking tags or plan on being tagged. Wireless Net Pavilion might be better in this case.

One more thing to keep in mind is that Dummy Box does not help you protect Clot, Tapwrm or other viruses when the corp purges. Counter-intuitively, the runner is actually the one who trashes cards from a purge, while Dummy Box clearly states the corp has to be the one to trash something.


I am kind of surprised this card has no review yet. Let's change that.

Preventing a flatline has been relevant to runners ever since the core set, and this has not changed in the past few years. Jinteki PE (and PU) are still very strong factions who can make the runner shit bricks as they lose cards left and right. And now, with the recent restriction of Levy AR Lab Access, they are more vulnerable than ever. No more including a single Levy as a silver bullet, if you want to recycle your deck you have to commit to it.

Luckily we still have Feedback Filter, a card that will likely never rotate, and now there is Caldera. The two are actually very similar and I will review Caldera while comparing it to FF.

Caldera lets you prevent 1 net damage for 3 credits, as often as you want per turn, exactly like FF does. This is a hefty cost and not something most runners will be able to pay consistently. Either they need to be very rich or have reliable drip econ, or both. But for those that can effort it, this effect neuters the Jinteki match up. While meat damage tends to act like a bludgeon and hits hard in one go, net damage pings you over the course of a game. If you have the economy to match the cost, you are essentially unkillable.

Caldera ALSO can prevent 1 brain damage for 3 credits while FF has to trash itself to prevent 2 brain damage (for free). If you happen to run into a Cerebral Overwriter, something Jinteki decks sometimes slot, you can just negate that damage as well in exchange for cold, hard cash.

One thing to consider is the different card types. FF is hardware, Caldera is a resource. Hardware is relatively hard to trash, except that there is a trap which Jinteki has been looking into recently which can set you back immensely. No such trap exists for resources. But of course, resources can be trashed if they happen to make a tag stick. Like when you run last click and hit a Snare!. Seriously, don't run last click against Jinteki... There is also Voter Intimidation to consider.

Lastly, Caldera is a criminal card while FF is a shaper card, but as both cards only cost a single influence, they are easily splashed in any deck. And FF is one credit cheaper. But hey, you are likely a filthy rich runner if you are considering this card, so who cares about that anyway?