"That just sounds like Sure Gamble with extra steps".

Falsified Credentials is a strong card that fills an interesting design space. Exposing has never been a fully explored mechanic but now with the release of 419, it will definitely be all over the meta for a while. At the very worst of times, this is an Infiltration for 1 credit, which is bad but not nearly as bad it sounds. NGO Front is everywhere nowadays and with the rise of 5-3 agendas, knowing if that advanced card in the remote is worth running or not, is invaluable info to have.

But that's the worst case scenario, outside of exposing a Psychic Field. If you guess correctly, you gain 5 credits, which is a Sure Gamble level return. And we all know how strong that card is. So you will obviously want to guess correctly. In 419 or Silhouette decks this card is obviously bonkers, as you will be able to guess with enormous accuracy. Not only that, but this card combos extremely well with Aumakua, giving you a virus counter regardless of your guess. But even if you don't play an expose oriented deck, if you have some knowledge about the kind of cards your opponent would play in their ID, you can still make an educated guess and be rewarded for it.

Does that make it worth the influence in non-criminal decks? Probably not, but it is definitely a great card to have in the pool and it can be extremely powerful in the hands of a player with meta knowledge.

I like this card, expose has been a fun mechanic since Core Set days. The problem is there could be scenarios where this card becomes a dead draw - FA decks or asset spam (where they're content to rez their assets prematurely). It'll be interesting to see whether players start pre-rezzing cards in anticipation vs. Sil/419, similar to Drive By's effect on the meta. —
I like this card too. It's mere existence along with what I believe will be a strong prevalence, will be a strong counter-measure to Mushin and NGO. The corporation has to decide whether they should slot these at all. —

As a long time NBN player, I always look forward to critically examining each new ice my favorite faction gets and deciding whether it gets to replace or compliment my existing choices. This pack has two yellow ice, fresh of the press. The much talked about Endless EULA is one of them, and while I don't know if it is as good as some people say it is, I definitely think it has some value as a Paperclip counter and another powerful barrier for NBN. The other ice is this one, and... yeah this will be a quick review.

If Yog were still with us (may it rot in hell where it belongs), everyone would immediately laugh at the mere existence of this card and immediately resign it to the back pages of their binder. But even without Yog, I don't think this card has much value. First off, the numbers on it are not fantastic. 5 to rez, 3 strength. Black Orchestra breaks this for 3 credits, which is laughable. Other popular ice breakers like Gordian Blade, Abagnale or Refractor also go through it for less money than the rez cost, and Aumakua gets within the Sandman's range in no time.

But it has two subroutines, are they worth it at least? In theory, yes, in practice, no.. Getting to choose two cards to bounce is very powerful. The problem is, that this ice is very distinctly a mid game ice. In the first few turns it does very little, and turn 1 the runner can face check this with impunity. Runners tend to run first and install cards with their third and/or fourth click. Late game this could theoretically be devastating, sending expensive cards to the grip, but by then the runner will be able to easily break this. So you need a good moment to rez this, when the runner has at least 1, and preferably two, quite expensive cards installed. In that case it will be a great way to make them lose tempo. But it doesn't stop them outright, and like Archangel, they can even ignore this card after a while and just keep hammering your servers and win.

Is it complete ass? No, but in the current meta this card is simply not worth a slot. Maybe if you are a filthy rich corp, and can afford 5 credits to crush the runner's tempo in the early game. But even then there are probably better alternatives.

Archangel is just a better version of this card. This takes a stroke of luck to have these subroutines fire. You would need to play cards that enhance ice, like sandburg or helheim servers to see this fire reliably. —
Out of curiosity, would people try to make this card work if it instead sent the cards to the top of the stack? —
Maybe I would run a single copy in Azmari. —
I think sending the cards back to the hand is already pretty punitive as is. The subroutines are actually already very strong. it is just that you can't have this fire without going through some hoops. It would also be better from a faction with less punitive ice like weyland. I have found watchtower pretty playable because nobody really expects weyland to have code gates with back-breaking subroutines. —

Brain damage lovers, rejoice! Ok, that sort of came out weird...

Anyway, Kill Switch is yet another HB card in this cycle that is trying to keep the dream of a competitive brain damage oriented deck alive. Is it a good card? Is it even decent?? Let's take a look.

First off, it is a cheap current, which is always nice. As long as Kill Switch stays in play, every time you score an agenda, you will get to fire a trace and have the possibility to knock the runner on the head for MASSIVE DAMAGE. Not only that, but KS also fires on the runner accessing an agenda, meaning that even if the runner steals one immediately after you play this, you will still get some value out of it.

I say "some value" and I mean that quite literally. I mentioned the issue with cards like these in my review of Kuwinda K4H1U3. Trace 3 is a lot better than trace 0, but it is still not fantastic. If you want this to definitely fire more than once, you will have to proactively score agendas, which costs money, which is cash you won't have to be boosting traces.

You could try a HB deck which combines this with a fast advance win condition. Add Domestic Sleepers and cards like Project Vitruvius to let this fire as often as possible. But that sounds like a lot of work just to have a trace which the runner can outpay. Another possibility is splashing it in a kill deck out of faction, maybe Jinteki PE with cards like Clone Retirement or Project Kusanagi? But unfortunately this card is a whopping 5 influence, so good luck building that deck.

Lastly, this card joins the long, long list of cards that Film Critic takes a dump on. The ever growing list. Also, there are high link runners such as Sunny, Geist and Kim to consider.

Not a great card, but I will have fun with it regardless. Maybe it is time to dust off Custom Biotics and see what jank I can make with this and Tempus.

Do note that Clone Retirement is no longer legal. What did you have in mind for a Custom Biotics deck? I like splashing for Urban Renewal. Or did you mean Cybernetics Division? —
Oh I forgot about that. —
No I meant Custom Biotics. I was working on a deck list involving domestic Sleepers and 5-3, combined with EOI and Sea Source. Add Primary Transmision Dish to make traces easier to fire and it synergises with Kill switch. Add some Weyland cards to threaten kill if the runner has a lower hand size. —
This is what I had in mind for Kill Switch - seems good against anything that isn't link heavy. —
https://netrunnerdb.com/en/deck/view/1114312 —

Fixed-Strength Breakers. Trashing. Milling. Viruses.

Long ago, the four Anarch archetypes lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Rotation attacked. Only the Virus Console, master support for all four Anarch archetypes, could stop it, but when the world needed it the most, it vanished.

A hundred days passed and my Boggs and I discovered the new Virus Console, an Anarch card named Knobkierie. And although its virus-memory benefits are great, it has a lot to learn before it’s ready to save anyone. But I believe... Knobkierie can save the world.

Is that a Jojo reference? —
Avatar! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1EnW4kn1kg —
What do they mean "Use the MU on Knobkierie only for virus programs" ? What memory? —
Hard to tell because card images still aren't up yet for DatD but Knobkierie comes with 3 MU. They're only allowed to be used for viruses, similar to MemStrips. —

Endless EULA joins the short but valuable list of NBN 0-strength ICE with either soft or hard ETRs (Wraparound, Resistor, and Pop-up Window). It’s a “turbo-charged” Pop-up Window but not quite a gearcheck ICE like Wraparound, as a rig-less runner can spend 6 to get through it. It also has an atrocious rez/strength ratio compared to the traditional taxing ICE. So then, what does that make it? Anything you want it to be! (Results may vary.)

Building a taxing remote to drag the runner through multiple times? Slap an Endless EULA on the end of it.

Don’t want your opponent racking up Turning Wheel counters on your central server? Slap an Endless EULA on the end of it.

Pre-rotation, many would scoff at this card for being Parasite target #1 but with the virus gone, Endless EULA now becomes a sure-fire tax of 6 for any runner looking to get through it, with or without fracter. Watch out though for any data breaches, cats, dogs, or nails. Excluding Parasite, this card might still end up as a major trashing target due to it being a major headache for almost all runners these days but do note that Knifed won't work if you pay 6 through the subs - you'll need to actually break the subs with your fracter. Overall, an excellent addition for Corps that can afford the 6 rez cost with ease and for you jank fanatics, go crazy with your Chief Slee theorycrafting.


…Huh, what’s that? GS Sherman M3 breaks this for 2? It’s only 1 for Morning Star? It’s free for Yusuf??? This card sux, 1/10, would skip reading the EULA again.

The one downside is that endless EULA doesn't really require a breaker to begin with. The runner can just pay their way through. If you rely on this and IP block to keep the runner out, you may be disappointed to see that the runner can just walk in with a cheque. I think Endless EULA is making a case for Wraparound as its companion piece. —