They are right to fear...


Where did this come from? What the heck is going on? —
Beauty. That's what. —
01001001 00100000 01000011 01000001 01001110 01001110 01001111 01010100 00100000 01000010 01000101 00100000 01000011 01001111 01001110 01010100 01000001 01001001 01001110 01000101 01000100 —
Lockdown initiated. —
Boot comment (binary to ASCII) --> I CANNOT BE CONTAINED —
Can someone explain to me what these comments/posts are about? —
Just friendly marketing by NISEI! —

Heat up the orb to catch the runner.


I have always loved the unique bioroids for their flavor, but I am a bit let down with this one. Being big and nasty is great, and Cpt_nice has pointed out just how nasty it is. The idea of giving the corp clicks when you spend clicks is sort of Tyr-esque, Tyr being the "Even-Handed God of Justice". What I feel awkward about is that the runner can click through at all. The other unique bioroids don't have that. The way I see it, the reason bioroids can be clicked through is because they are friggin' mapped brains made into programs. They can be reasoned with and tricked with time and effort alone. But the unique bioroids, oh no, not so much. You had to pay a specific sort of toll or they would just boot you. That made it feel like you could reason with them, but their personality was so strong, you could only do it a certain way, on their terms. They were unique, maybe even the original mindprint itself from which the other versions were derived. I feel like this guy could have had his numbers knocked down just a tad and been a Tyr 1.0. Or maybe a 2.0 with the two clicks for two routines set-up. Then they could follow up on it later for the unique. Still a great card, just my musing.


Yep. Totally gonna use this to drop Snare! on top of RnD. Or any deck ambush, really. One could use four counters just filtering and playing mind games, but as long as there is one counter left, RnD looks awfully dangerous. And, if the runner believes you are up to just that, that also indicates that HQ is dangerous. With Jinteki: Replicating Perfection back in the mix, this could be a lot of fun. Is it Nisei MK II? No, the design is promising. I am glad to see Nisei following up on Reign and Reverie's mind-game swap mechanics, because they always seem so cool, but lack enough punch in practice.