This cards reminds me the good old days VS Bio Ethics Prison decks.

Back then, draw, draw, cant do anything. Concede.

And now, click for cred, click for cred, remove a tag, cant do anything. Concede.

Well yes you can still draw or remove a tag for turns again and again to find a chance against them...

But it's just still too boring.


Me, getting my vig creds: Haha fuck yeah

Me, having to advance my vig manually: wtf this sucks

This card has a very hard time seeing any real life outside of Pravdivost Consulting: Political Solutions because the only way this card is worth the click to install and credit to rez, would be getting free advancement counters. If you spend anything more than this, it's going to be real hard justifying an entire card slot for these.

It's hard to rely on this for any solid amount of econ in your deck because of the math it presents. Outside of that the other uses of this card would be to fake something dangerous like a trap, or useful like an agenda. Either way the runner is going to have to check it out once it hits 2 advancements. And if you put this behind ice then you'll have to pay to protect it, or you spent that click pretending to protect it.

Best case option is just to play it in a server while you're waiting for the real assets/agendas to show up - or just playing it naked and forcing them to go look at it and waste the money. It's a little underwhelming in power and it's hard to rely on it for any one use case.

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The understandable failure to test in cardpool of this card is so egregious that it made me put in worlds deck. I was fairly intrigued looking at some of the dies to pinhole cards in Borealis: Part 1 set, as they often seemed to grok the ways in which the original game was fun to win. This boat, on the other hand, abuses a disruptive technique that ANR made prohibitively expensive with good reason, breaking ICE. It's almost difficult to describe the magnitude of how game breaking this buoyant vessel is, because designing it requires a fundamental lack of knowledge of how the world exists as it is rather than how we wish it to be. This attacks multiple pieces of ICE, often times in multiple servers, at the control of the runner, and is triggered often if you run. The amount of time and resources it will take the Corp to mitigate the damage done by this ability text is substantial cognitive load. I'm in genuine awe that any amount of play-testing would allow this hilarious implied pun. At best, this card is an abberation of design philosophy that somehow made Shaper fun to play. At worst it is a warning against taking one's self too seriously.

<p>I keep trying to read just the bold text to make a funny poem but I don't think that's happening.</p> —

If you're looking at Standard, here are your options:

Query: s:g-mod z:standard

And if you're looking at just ANY G-Mod (maybe you're an Eternal player who's.... new to the game?? (do those exist?)) then here is your search:


But really if you're wondering how you're going to use this card here are your more fun options:

  • Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker: If you're looking to ADD this power to your current deck, then I'm interested in finding out how much value you're going to get out of waiting this long to be able to weirdly tutor temporary programs.

  • Ele "Smoke" Scovak: Cynosure of the Net: What if Cloak was more convoluted to install?

  • Nyusha "Sable" Sintashta: Symphonic Prodigy: Not a bad choice. Not the best choice but getting a click back for hitting centrals isn't the worst way to spend your time. It is, however, not a great reason to slot in the DJ. There are other ways of doing this if you are planning some extra click shenanigans.

  • Liza Talking Thunder: Prominent Legislator: This is a very correct decision. This is also, now (and probably for a very long time), a very banned-in-Standard decision.

  • Los: Data Hijacker: Costing the corp 2 extra to rez is nice but by the time the DJ comes down they've probably already rezzed something. Your deck probably isn't built for constantly de-rezzing if this is your DJ choice, and you'd have to get them to rez 2 pieces of ice before this card wasn't a negative on the money pool.

  • René "Loup" Arcemont: Party Animal: Honestly not bad! An all-around power that will help in a lot of areas of the game. If they're asset heavy on the Corp side, maybe consider it?

  • Quetzal: Free Spirit: One day I'm just going to slap this down instead of fetching my fracter. This will not be a good plan but this will be a funny plan, to me.

  • Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter: Same problem as Los above, this is only going to start paying back once the Corp has now rezzed 3 piece of ICE. The extra pressure could be nice but this is one of the weaker ID powers as a whole, not worth importing.

  • Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter: Well thanks for reading this entire review! Obviously this is why you're playing DJ Fenris (right now in 2022). Please like and subscribe! But in all honesty, Steve's ability will only get more options the later in the game it gets, and installing it late means you can fake the Corp out by going elsewhere and hoping they only lightly ice HQ.


This continues a trend that I'm really not a fan of: HB getting the lion's share of 5 influence cards on the Corp side. I'm not opposed to a five influence card by any means. What I take issue with is how it seems like HB gets more of them than any other faction. All of the norse god bioroids (Wotan, Tyr, Loki, and Fairchild), Game Changer, Kill Switch, Black Level Clearance, and Load Testing are all five influence. Add in Director Haas and Cybernetics Court and that's 11 of the 19 corp cards with five influence. Weyland has the second most with four, and then Jinteki and NBN each have two. All four factions have one "chairman" executive that runs the company (the aforementioned Director Haas, Victoria Jenkins, Chairman Hiro, and The Board) and one exhibit hall from The Universe of Tomorrow (Cybernetics Court, Franchise City, Worlds Plaza, and Genetics Pavilion) and weyland has a massive ICE (Oduduwa) and another intense meat damage effect (High-Profile Target). There's your five influence cardpool. You'll also notice that most of these effects aren't that good. Maybe not god-awful and only there for lore, but I'm not sure if these are faction-defining effects. I'm not sure why this keeps happening. For me five influence should be a rare occurrence, and seeing HB get so many is just bizarre. Furthermore, some of these effects seem like they should be more universally available. Load Testing comes to mind the quickest, but I can also see an argument for Black Level Clearance. Is this a minor quibble? Absolutely. I don't hold this against the design team or Mr. Suied here at all. And Big Deal is a fine card in its own right. Thank you for indulging me this review/rant. Hopefully we see more five influence cards in other factions soon.