Plain RP

emlun 477

Nothing terribly exciting or innovative here, but this deck has done very well in my meta and won 3 out of 4 games in my last tournament.

The game plan is, quite simply, to ice up the centrals with a lot of painful ice (ideally with Inazuma at the front), then throw some ice up on a remote and start scoring. There's not much hard ETR in here, but there should be enough to at least threaten a flatline if the runner doesn't break the remote ice.

Pup and Yagura are great for throwing on the Sundews to make them even more annoying. If you're not seeing a lot of Noise, consider replacing Cerebral Static with more economy or whatever you prefer.

7 Nov 2014 tlongwell

Even though the ICE is pretty cheap, don't you miss having some burst economy cards?

7 Nov 2014 emlun

Not really, no. Only a few times have I felt too poor to rez ice and such. While I do click for credits quite often, I often end up getting to keep a drip econ of at least two credits per turn, and GRNDL Refinery (although unreliable) can give a boost when needed. I'm actually quite pleased with not having any operation economy in here. :)