I double dog dare you - Jinteki ALWAYS advance

x3r0h0ur 8633

This is my attempt at Jinteki Fast advance in the future.

Basically, abuse Mushin No Shin. If they hit a 4 advanced (MNS + adv) cereberal overwriter, then they have to worry about hitting a junebug, because 4 braindamage is nuts. If you MNS'ed a medical breakthrough, early, its pure gravy for you. If they steal it or you score it, you can ToL future breakthroughs from hand later (with setup).

Archived memories gets you the missing pieces sooner, MNS or TOL. There should be enough advancable cards to keep the train rolling. Basically you should be installing and advancing almost every turn.

R&D protection should be chum->grim or Eli Eli ideally But Chum -> ? will typically gear check most runners.

Tell me what you think. See if I'm missing anything!

20 Dec 2013 Sovereign

I get that the point is to win quickly, but I feel like you just get blown out by Silhouette and expose, along with the sort of runner who loves Trashing Ice. I feel like for this bluff centric of a deck, Zaibatsu loyalty is a must, and a couple of snares would go some way towards keeping the R&D runners honest.

20 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

Well when sil sees play, okay. Even still, if they don't run the traps, theres always TOL for fast advance...

21 Dec 2013 PeekaySK

Am I right in assuming you don't play Jinteki much? I see lots of small inconsistencies that hint that way - for instance, your ice choice is both suboptimal in regard to its cost/taxingness to the runner, and doesn't play well with your agenda composition - at the very least, you'd need snares and possibly fetal for this package to make sense.

Overall, I'd say to wait with Jinteki decks until more of H&P is spoiled and we're a bit further into the spin cycle, especially with new archetypes which don't already have a lot of support in place.

21 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

I actually I play a good deal of jinteki, this is not the same thing, this is a whole new type of jinteki. I think with the new cards, and no identity power, snare isn't an auto include in this type. This should be the groundwork for a fast advance style jinteki that includes a lot of get speed. Similar to the NBN media blitz type that runs 12 ice, all low strength, but pushes out agendas faster than the runner can get up and running. The only thing I might see needing is a way to remove breakers so that the little ice thats there has more bite. I'm sure there will be changes when more packs come out, but I think this can be a high stress, fast archetype.

21 Dec 2013 PeekaySK

I saw what you were going for, and that's why I said your ICE composition is wrong. Compare the NBN media blitz thing (and its slew of cheap ETR ice) with your composition that has exactly THREE hard ETRs and then a bunch of other mostly inconsequential stuff. Katana is mostly pointless without more damage to back it up (Tsurugi will be much better here, I think). Grim is pointless without ways to capitalize on that one trash it'll make happen.

At the very least:

  • Drop the BP stuff (definitely Grim, probably Profiteering as well).I'd consider Corporate War as an agenda, because then one bluff that worked will power your econ for the rest of the game and you don't have to waste time with stuff like Celebrity Gifting.
  • Swap Himitsu-Bako for Snowflake (I'd go for 2 Snowflakes and leave one Bako). More expensive to break, cheaper to rez, usually stops the run just fine, and is supremely Chumable. Don't waste your influence on Cerebrals, Junebugs are deterrent plenty.
  • Grab some Ice Walls, you can't rely on people not blowing up your traps.
  • I'm on the fence about the Ronins, you're not really running enough econ taxation to make trashing them economically significant (especially in the current version, which can expect to dish out some BP). I'd swap them for Plan B.
23 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

I think between clone retirement and the fact that theres nothing to trash, bad pub isn't so bad. This should be pushing advanced installs out faster than the runner can get appropriate breakers, and hopefully force them to lose those breakers if they're not fast enough. I do suppose snowflake is every bit as good as himitsu.

The way its similar to the nbn blitz deck is in that it starts pushing out immediately. The good twist is that theres strong traps to punish the runner or make them hesitate, I feel like standard jinteki "I don't care if they can get in" mindset is what will work for this type.