Blue Mushin (Worlds, 28th place)

Axlotl 2613

I missed top cut by a single game, that came down to a single turn. This deck only lost to the 1st place guy (day one), and even then only by 1 turn. Otherwise it was undefeated.

Mushin no Shin agendas, Off The Grid them. Try and sneak through 1 or 2 ASAP if your econ is there, and when you have proper openings or Crisium grid set up, Focus on keeping HQ impenetrable and RnD taxing enough they can't run it to often, as your agenda density being so low is often significant protection in itself. I often burned extra Atlas counters for 5/3s near the end of games when they hit RnD and I had everything I need to win, and just need a turn or 2 for setup.

Not super thrilled with Punitives at worlds. I liked the threat locally in testing, but in practice against people not ready for this deck they dropped Plascretes 24/7, which I like them wasting the resources on, but they'd have done that regardless, so i think I should have cut the punitives. I might try Fast Track out as a 1-2 of, as a few games came down to me furiously digging for any agenda, including my only loss, and its extra copies of Atlas.

An Atlas with 3 hosted counters is amazing, and sets up the rest of your game pretty well, if you can score one first you are golden.

Oversight is predominately econ, but i did use it once to pop and bounce unrezzed Ice that was Femmed. +4 credits and retrieve a Lotus Field? Yes please.

Power Shutdown was fantastic in a lot of match ups. I managed to deny a Criminal their code gate breaker and sit behind Lotus Field/Engima/Tollbooth the entire game. Also ate a Data Sucker one game with a ton of counters that was keeping me from Mushin/Grid.

While I like the Archived, I might try Reversed Accounts in its place.

The singleton Archer ended up being fantastic. It got face planted twice for major results, eating a 5/3 and an atlas. Nobody seems to expect an Archer when you only have a 5/3. I treated the Grim as basically a 2nd Archer.

Lotus Field often single handedly tied up Anarchs, and allowed me to neat both Quetzals I played against even though my barriers often ended up worthless. Knights the only real concern, but you bounce whatever ice hes on to kill him and they run out eventually.

I like Guard as an option vs Inside Job/Feint. While I didn't expect to see any Feint at all, it could really wreck me, and I felt that a cheap early game Sentry ETR was good enough as is.

9 Nov 2014 Axlotl

Also, Wendigo did some good work. I went down to 2 credits one game to score, solely on the back of an unrezzed Wendigo pancaked between a barrier and sentry. I knew they couldnt get the econ, play a Code Gate breaker, and make 2 runs, so I was safe, but they didnt expect a 4 str Code gate to pop like that. Worked well as tax that run and I still scored.

9 Nov 2014 E.J.Olmos

This looks really fun to play! Might tweak and give it a whirl; been thinking Blue Sun Off the Grid could be a great choice and the addition of MNS is a great idea to get those atlas counters.

Just needs a name, maybe Muushin no Sun or Blue Sun no Shin?

9 Nov 2014 Axlotl

or MuSun no Sun

10 Nov 2014 LSK

I played against this deck as Quetzal! Still a bit salty about getting you down to 1 card :)

10 Nov 2014 Axlotl

That was definitely a tight game.

10 Nov 2014 Bitrix

I still claim glory as one of the few people who have felled the mighty beast!

10 Nov 2014 Axlotl

Yeah, and those losses where more important than any win I ever had in testing. Exposed a weakness that I patched up for Worlds.

12 Nov 2014 kollapse

Tried this out the other day, and it is a blast to play. Agreed on the Punitive Counterstrike's, have swapped them for another Power Shutdown and Ice Wall. Would love some meat damage threat in this, but that would require to many changes.

5 Dec 2014 hi_impact

Mushin No Shin handles Off The Grid play so well that I think it may be the best way to do it, especially with Blue Sun. I haven't looked at the archetype since Lunar and Crisium Grid saves massive influence on Caprice, while Mushin corrects the issue of taking forever to score form the OTG server. You even get to save the Off the Grid cash because of Blue Sun, because OTG is often not safe between scoring windows.

Love this deck and can't see any way to change it except the point you brought up about Punitive. Ice will come and go with the meta, but your choices are hard to change.

27 Dec 2014 razhemnet

Used this deck though changed Hades for Utopia Fragment and had a horrible game where I was dirt poor till my first oversight and after that it took me another third of the deck to actually get enough funds to cover HQ, the deck and be able to pay to execute the grids until the runner destroyed the only Off the Grid I had on my hand. I did manage to cripple a lot of his programs, but clearly not the right ones since I mostly nuked corroders and Fairy's, but the thing is that it was eternal till I actually got into a possition where I could actually do something. That my first power shutdown nuked an AI and an agenda while I was jacksonless didn't help as well as one of the very few HQ runs he sniped a requisition which was the only agenda in my hand. But really, I started with both grids and a mushin in my hand and I was constantly discarding important cards or playing them suboptimaly (power shutdown) until I finally drew an Oversight AI and found the Restructure to be more hurtful than helpful till I finally got the engine going.

After this random paragraph of nonsense, basically, was I playing it wrong? Was it a freak accident that everything was going so bloody slow? I faced an Andromeda deck who didn't use Syphon nor Inside Job (I was paranoid about the second one...) that used Rachel Beckman pretty much from turn 3 onward without me having a single way to snipe the damn thing away.

29 Dec 2014 Bitrix

From all the games I've played against Axlotl's Blue Sun, one thing is of absolute certainty. This deck is by no means fast. You need the Hades Fragment for a reason. It's almost completely necessary for keeping you in the long game against shapers and crims. Although he's changed the deck a lot since worlds, it's core remains the same. The biggest burst of economy I see playing against it is almost always the first oversight AI. Bouncing that curtain wall or hadrian's wall is key to getting your econ going.

2 Jan 2015 Axlotl

I've always found econ options and early ice more important than an opener with the combo, grid/mushin, but no econ would not be a keeper. And remember, you can bounce ice to regain the money invested back in anticipation of a restructure. You can also let 'em into RnD quite a bit the first few turns, with the very low agenda density. Even in the late game I usually only have 2 ice on RnD unless I'm fighting some heavy multi access. Hades is fairly vital to the late game if you've burned out your deck in a brutal war of attrition, and I'd never cut it. I feel like its the most vital of the 5/3s in this original list (Utopia is also a staple), as it makes it impossible for them to grind you out, and can save you from a bad shutdown, or allow late game shutdowns when jackson's dead with no concerns.

27 Feb 2015 ADHiDef

I'm curious to know if the Taurus did any work for you, since you said you'd probably take out the Punitives. ??

27 Feb 2015 Axlotl

When the Punis went, the Taurus followed them out the door. I have an updated list/tournament report I might post this weekend.