No-Run Noise

shadowhawk 255

12 Nov 2014 Softman25

I guess the idea here is increase hand size dramatically, mass install about a trillion viruses and then just Hades in?

That's kinda neat, I won't lie.

12 Nov 2014 shadowhawk

Yes, the general idea is: install lots of viruses -> sell them with Aesop's -> Hades -> Levy -> do it again.

12 Nov 2014 daytodave

I had a version of this that use Wyldside + Aesop's and all the 1 and 2 cost viruses. Selling the viruses quickly pays for you to install more with enough left over to install Hades (if you're really trying to do NO runs) and free up both memory and deck space for more viruses.

14 Nov 2014 RaidJTC

I like this. Have you tried adding Rachel Bachmen (I think that's her name)? Adding her allows you to duggars and mass install most likely three Viruses in one turn. Or it allows you to set up for a mass mill by installing a boxe or public sympathy.