Moonbase Alpha v1.0

Snake Eyes 4563


Derived from Twin Peaks, a previous unpublished deck that I made using DRT instead. I have been getting ridiculous win percentages online with this, having lost all of 1 game in the past 20. (Which was due to hitting 18 points worth of agendas by my 10th draw)


This deck is mean. It deals tags like nobody's business. Any expensive and useful resource you have is going down. This deck shuts down resource-heavy opponents like nobody's business. I've had Nasir resignquit twice on me for trashing their fully developed personal workshop.

Information Overload is bananas when it goes off after a midseason//or healthy taxing manhunt tag session during the late game. It'll really make people regret giving up the tag battle. I've crushed 13 card rigs before with this. It's returning the runner to an early board state, while you yourself are probably almost fully developed by that time. This is best tag punishing ICE out there. There are a small number of counters to it (Faerie and and Switchblade for starters), but everything else will probably cost so much that the runner is losing at least half his/her rig. If you have this out, consider saving Closed Accounts until your moment is right to rez this.


The only issue that I have is that a little more economy would be great here. This deck needs a small boost to fire off those giant Psychographic drops. I've added Archived Memories as a means of pulling economy if I'm desperate, or to get a Scorched Earth back if I'm looking to use it as a win condition. The Source, the upcoming datapack may have a solution for that though, which I've already included in this deck.

Runners with high link would also probably do well against this deck. I imagine that the upcoming Edward Kim will have an easy time vs this deck considering how operation heavy it is.


The last datapack of the cycle isn't out yet, but I'll be going down to just 1 SanSan City Grid when it does, so that I can bring in a single copy of "Shoot the Moon!". This is hopefully going to be an economy card to recover from a Midseasons trap, and get all your ICE up to push you into a late game set-up prematurely.

The decision to remove the SanSan is that I just win by psychographics without rezzing the grid so many times, that I'm seeing less and less value in it. I've had games end with 2 copies of it sitting unrezzed on the board. Project Beale is a better agenda in this deck than Astroscript Pilot Program due to the possibilities in overscoring. However there is no denying the power of a SanSan City Grid, so this idea requires some playtesting once it comes out.