Black and Blue and Red all over

Ringworm 9

This is what I came up with for a Blue Sun deck after my first one sputtered and stalled out. The idea here is slowly work towards advancing the agendas, but the main thrust of this deck is wrecking the runner's rig, economy, and going for a flatline. As a meta-mate said last night, "This deck is just mean."

I just swapped out a Tollbooth and The Root for two Universal Connectivity Fee, and this has worked very well behind a Data Raven. Often the runner will run on third click, decide to power through the raven, only to lose all their money (and the ability to remove the tag!), leaving them unprepared for what is to follow.

The twin Snare! are also a fairly unexpected surprise for those who think they're plascreted up.

I may need one or two bigger pieces of ice to take advantage of Blue Sun's ability- I could probably cut the singleton Crisium Grid for a piece of ice. Jury's still out on that- I haven't actually used Crisium for protection yet, mainly just as something the runner feels they have to trash. I'm fine with costing them those 5 credits if it means a SEA Source or a Punitive Counterstrike will fire.

Suggestions welcome!