In space, nobody can hear you scream.

Exposé 54

NOTE: Revised agendas. -2 High-Risk Investment +1 Hades Fragment +1 Government Contracts.

In space, nobody can hear you scream.

Especially when the deck is pretty terrible.

A quickly rejigged variant of Volstruis' Ghost Ship deck, but with some added econ:

Some changes & choices:

PAD Campaigns: I added in PAD Campaigns to cover the advancement costs of cards. The Root is a strong card but it's a priority kill whereas PADs sometimes do get left alone. A note here is the Gagarin ID functions as an effective +1 trash cost on PADs too.

GRNDL Refinery: This card is a massive payoff card if able to be advanced and scored and this type of deck gives it ideal cover to do so. This card helps pay Scorch/Punitives, as the latter in particular can be incredibly expensive.

Toshiyuki Sakai: Toshiyuki isn't a particuarly great card, but this is one deck where he might actually have a place. You can bait and switch ambushes around with him and a side note here is that Gagarins ID actually fires twice if used because it's a new card that's installed. Alternatively just add +1 Aggressive Secretary, or cut one card and add a pair of Jackson Howards.

Paywall Implementation: At best this can fire multiple times in the dream scenario when Runners check your remotes constantly, at worst it's a 0c counter-current which is also respectable.

26 Nov 2014 Brendan2026

Needs some Mushin No Shin for sure! Cool idea.