The Shoe is a Bit Tight

primeape 143

Quetzal goes fishing after midnight and hooks a whale beast, delicious.

I've added the grappling hooks to this deck and they seem to be a really important addition. Previous versions of this deck were running into two major issues:

  • Can't facecheck safely without setup, especially now with Grail ice out there
  • No cheap way to snipe remotes against Blue Sun/RP

I was about to give up on this deck until Eater comes out, and then I saw someone on boardgame geek had put Grappling Hook in their Quetzal deck. Wish I had thought of that sooner, it fixes both of the problems mentioned above and I now think it's a very important part of the deck. It becomes like the Criminal's faerie and once you get E3 out it is almost the perfect remote sniping breaker. Almost, there is one other issue with this breaker suite,

  • 4 strength ice with one sub is your least favourite to break

Lotus fields in blue sun are still the bane of this breaker suites existence, but you can't have everything. The surges in place of what used to be Queen's gambit are the only thing to slightly alleviate the problem. Knight works against other decks and I tried atman at 4, but I was finding the up front cost was too high to include in the deck together with Darwin which is already very expensive. Surge also helps with parasite, as this deck doesn't have datasucker, I wasn't sure how to squeeze that in and keep Keyhole. I miss it sometimes, but I don't think this deck runs frequently enough to make the suckers really worthwhile.

Duggars will usually get used once, making it effectively a somewhat janky Quality time, although every once in a while you will need to dig hard for Kati or Darwin. Inject is awesome when paired with the clone chips.