Knights of the world V1.2

Talism 80

So the Idea with this deck is to use the grail ice and midway station grid to taxs the runner.

With 2 grail ice, midway and 2 Grail ice in HQ, you can make a server cost 12 just to break the subs!

4 Jan 2015 Jashay

This seems like it would do well against the decks that only run one of each breaker.

I'm a little concerned that all of your stopping power comes from Galahad, though. The need to keep Grail Ice in hand might leave you spread a bit thin. I would be interesting to see how it goes, though!

5 Jan 2015 Talism

the idea is to tax them, you keep one Galahad and one Lancelot in hand and install the rest, with a midway and a 2 deep grail server, thats 12 credits to get in

5 Jan 2015 whuppo

let me tell it like it is. this deck is like a dead prostitute lying around somewhere near a harbor. and she got Parasites all over here.

and the parasites will love her hard. watch out for those parasites. stay safe.