Corporate Urchin: Finals At Tennin 2.0

yokhen 33

~~Midweek News~~

After a Staff re-evaluation and School curriculum, our dear Chairman Hiro decided to go on a staff-firing frenzy, after which he resigned himself and later on found dead in his condo. Seppuku seems to be the most accepted cause of death. Now, after the scandal, the ever so confident Jackson [Jackie/Jesus] Howard has taken charge of office to save us all. He has promised a whole lot more improvements and a whole lot more dead students at our proud Tennin Institute. The only staff to survive the crysis in additon to Mr. Howard, was the very hot professor, only rivaled by the scummy Katie Jones, Tori Hanzo! Make sure to treat her well and pass all her exams, or else your health might be in jeopardy. Specially with all the new facility upgrades bought thanks to the recent liquidation of assets and staff as mentioned above. "I'd rather have us be a research facility, but the government obliges us to be a silly institute. Oh well, at least we are more focused and happier! Let all the freshmen come, we have plenty of coffins and space in heaven!" said Principal Jackson Howard early this morning.

So there you have it Students! Happy finals!

Took a lot of assets like Chairman Hiro and Zaibatsu Loyalty out of the deck, since almost never they got to play and they proved more a liability than actual help. Figured I needed more brain damage opportunities and ended up going back to the roots of the original inspiration with Hokusai Grid. The economy remains the same, but now everything is more payable thanks to the removal of several useless assets. Also changed the ice wall entirely for a Hive, figured at the very least I would give Quetzal a tiny obstacle.

The objective is pretty straightforward, kill the runner as fast as possible. With Jackson Howard, the deck hardly suffers from milling, but still happens.

Watch out for Leela Patel + Power Shutdown. Counter for this is to never EVER create a remote server unless it's a trap or Jackson. Then the rest depends on how smart, experienced and pressured the runner feels.

Do not be afraid of clicking for credits all the time. This deck plays the waiting game.

Also, make sure to keep your credits above 4 at all times (in addition to what you predict you might spend on during the runners turn, e.g., Tori Hanzo + Hokusai Grid, totalling minimum of 12) so that Snare may always be a danger. In short, play the gridiest you can, so that Account Syphons can also hardly affect you.

I haven't tested this extensibly (but will do eventually) but so far it's given me amazing win rates, as well as its 54 card version, which I haven't published. Let me know if you would like me to.

Finally, I am still looking for testers and theoreticians to give me feedback, suggestions, critics, etc.