Sinbu 2

very similar to Thomasz Fedorczyk: http://www.acoo.net/deck/5043/worlds-championship-2014-11th-tomasz-fedorczyk-chaos-without-brain/

I love his deck at worlds. I made super small changes to it for my meta (added Hades Shard to get rid of overconfident smug jackson players)

10 Jan 2015 XxAuroraUser69xX

Oh shit bruh, great minds think alike, we both threw Hades Shard into our edits of Tomasz's deck. The small deck size, amount of card draw, and amount of tutors completely get around the one per deck limit making it a great include that can just win you games sometimes. In my version I have Nerve Agent to create tangible HQ pressure beyond legworks that can encourage the corp to toss agendas they can't score.