I run with the cheats

Metalize 39

Shell for Andromeda Stealth engine.

Flex slots aka things you can cut:

Emergency Shutdown (it's especially good here to disrupt sentry/codegate stacking attempts, derezzing most expensive ones in the stack)

Plascrete (meta call)

Feedback Filter (meta call)

1x Earthrise Hotel (very strong, but possible to supplement with 1-2 copies of Express Delivery)

1x Legwork (cut it only for SOT)

1x John Masanori (he is nice, but not necessary)

Possible things to put in there:

Second Switchblade (consistency, faster facecheck)

1-2 Express Delivery (recommended for 2x Switchblade version, to quicken your facecheck setup)

1-2 Emergency Shutdown

1 Same Old Thing (Useful if you play bag-of-tricks with 1x ESD and 1x IJ. Also can be Special Order in a pinch)

1-2 Inside Job (Some people risk scoring behind single ICE against Criminal if they expect you to cut IJ. Make a meta judgement.)

Second Plascrete (meta call)

Hades Shard (I did not extensively test this one, but the idea is for you to drop it for 7 and use it when Corp spends a turn fixing HQ with Jackson Howard. They can't use JH to shuffle things they trashed before you access Archives with Shard)