Wizards viral DLR

Talism 80

The goal is to have hivemind on a progenitor and darwin as well.

clonechips are uses for versatility, a double use on a self mod, getting out progenitor and hivemind if your missing one, or retreving if you hit one with inject.

then using wizards little black book full off viruses, to trash there ice to get cheaper access weather via parasite or the run events.

econ might be a touch lite, but if your trashing there ice, and forcing rezes to keep them low.

only thing might be missing is datasucker, ice carver or d4v1d

15 Jan 2015 whuppo

Without David and Datasucker this deck goes nowhere, buddy.

Also this deck is slower than a snail because of Darwin and Day Job. You give the corp years to advance agendas behind a Curtain Wall or a Tollbooth.

15 Jan 2015 Talism

Data sucker is a dead card in here. Once u rig up. Hivemind and darwin on a progenitor, 1 virus breeding ground darwin for 1 click and 1 credit will be 4str. D4v1d is the card i need to find room for and cyber feeder.