Just Ice And Agendas

LSK 4622

Q: Why?

A: That's not a great question. You'll have to clarify.

Q: Why build a deck with just ice?

A: The answer is somewhere because "My Jackson Howards are tied up in my other deck" and "Because I can."

Q: Why don't you play some piece of ice that you're not already playing?

A: You have no idea how much more ice I wish I could fit in here.

16 Jan 2015 x3r0h0ur

Other than being broke as fuck, not bad lol. Probably better as Next. Also, yes.

16 Jan 2015 LSK

Nah, I need the core set ID to get enough money to rez ice in the first place. I might cut the 5-cost ice for more low-end ice just to not have to invest 5 in a single piece of ice.

Also, the core set HB ID has amazing interactions with Minelayer and Architect!

16 Jan 2015 ahiskali

Put 1 Eliza's Toybox here, and this deck starts destroying.

16 Jan 2015 LSK

Nah, Melange would be much better. Eliza's Toybox costs more to rez and you get less money out of it.

16 Jan 2015 Jashay

This looks like a good laugh!

I have unashamedly stolen this idea to make a Weyland equivalent, since I can use all the agendas and ICE to make money.