Fast and Loose

turkishvancat 212

I really wanted to make a fast, high risk deck with crazy mind games, so here we are. I really look forward to taking some future iteration of this deck to a tournament and see the look on my opponent's face when I Mushin, advance on turn 1 or 2.

With Harmony Medtech and the 3 point agenda spread, if you can score one agenda early, that places tremendous pressure on the runner, which will lead some runners to do very stupid things and potentially skewer themselves on your traps. To that end, I have some cheap binary ice in Wraparound/Paper Wall/Quandary that will hopefully allow such an early score to happen. If the pieces don't come together or they get their breakers early, Mushin shell game is also a thing.

The other ice is cheap, taxing for the central servers: Pup, Pop-up Window, Eli 1.0, Tsurugi, and Lotus Field.

I'm not sure how much econ I'll need here. Obviously it's a bit light with only Hedge Funds and Pop-up Windows, but the ice is cheap and Mushin No Shin mitigates a huge economic burden in the advancement of agendas. With some play testing, I'll see if I want more econ. I'm hesitant about both Medical Research Fundraiser and Celebrity Gift, but I'm not sure what else I'd do. Maybe Shell Corporations on failed traps/bluffed agendas?

I imagine Utopia Fragment will be really awesome if I manage to score it first. Afterwards, Mushin advance a card, and either it's a game winning trap, or the winning agenda that costs 8 to steal.

Naturally, a Shi.Kyu in the runner's score area means he/she needs to steal three of the six agendas to win, and The Future Perfects are resistant to being stolen (and I'll probably avoid installing them unless I have to).

Thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

24 Jan 2015 rezwits

I am just going to comment here the deck numbers are tight so I know it's rough but I would have to go 3x Shi.Kyū, it's going to win you the game cause as long as you stick 1 Shi.Kyū, they have to score 8 agenda points. And I think sticking 1 is how this deck wins. I am working on mine right now so, good luck.