Homeless Kasparov

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This is a combo deck based around 3 cards, Pawn, Scheherazade and Deep Red. Please read about the strategy and combo here: http://netrunomicon.com/b003/

This is a tweaked version of this deck to increase tempo and initial aggression, as I found that MO was both too slow, not used enough during the game to be worth it and made me far too cautious to run. So I replaced it with Armitage to increase ROI speed

I've replaced Kati with Aesops as I need clicks rather than pure money, and Æsop combos great with both Armitage, Daily Casts and even the leftover SMC or first pawn you play on your Scheherazade.

I've removed a Knight and added an Imp instead, in order to somewhat counter combo and Fast Advance decks, as initial Sansans or full HQ with Operations is difficult to crack. The Imp further combos with Æsop, Scavenge and Scheherazade which is also very nice.

10 Jan 2014 PeekaySK

Do you find the Aesop/Daily Casts thing worth it? It's yet another combo piece in an already combo-dependent deck, and I can't really see myself dropping Kati for it.... have you tried a version that doesn't run either of those, and instead spends the 5 slots on 3 Katis, an extra Armitage and an extra Same Old Thing?

10 Jan 2014 db0

Æsop does not just combo with Daily casts, it works with Armitage and Imp, extra Sheherazade and a lot of other cards as well. I make a truckload of money off of it during the game, without expending clicks which is very important for a deck that makes money out of running.

10 Jan 2014 db0

Also there's a few other uses for Æsop's thatare not immediately apparentl. Fist of all it acts as a weaker scavenge when you only have a clone chip. This is very useful for Cyber-Cypher, in case you want to move to another server but don't have scavenge ready. But you can do the same with Imp as well.

10 Jan 2014 Ber

I really like the ways you have tweaked this deck concept! All the changes make sense to me as effective ways to increase tempo and aggression.

11 Jan 2014 apo

One question: why 2 same old things? My thought was the lone SOT is just for levy lab insurance if it was lost to dmg. What you're gonna SOT with the second one?

11 Jan 2014 db0

It's the backup to the backup really. Many times I've lost both AR and one SOT due to damage. The second one allows me to recover, and if I get both early enough, I just eat one with Æsop.

11 Jan 2014 apo

Got it. But since you can always put your SOT on the table as soon as you draw it, I feel levy is pretty safe with one SOT to cover. I would go with -1 SOT +1 armitage here.

11 Jan 2014 lopert

Really like the changes, dropping the MO was one of the first changes I did as well.

11 Jan 2014 lopert

Didn't notice this at first, but 46 cards? Like other people are saying, dropping 1 SOT is probably the easiest I think.

11 Jan 2014 Dottore2k

I like the slight changes.I think discarding Magnum Opus is a very good choice, you can forget about the akamatsu memory chip. And dropping Katie Jones is the best thing you could do. When I copied the deck, the first thing was to replace her by good old armitage codebusting. I think Dirty laundry could also be a good alernative.

Adding the Imp is very nasty change. It is so good, the thing you needed, and the recursion abilities are obvious.

Not shure if you'll miss the e3. But with the Knight as one off...

11 Jan 2014 db0

I'd really love to have a second Knight really, but the influence is really tight as there's 3 imported cards that need to be 3x. Imp in this deck is a champ, it can really ruin the day of people playing FA and sansans and so on. They pay 6 to advance an agenda and you trash it for free.

Unfortunately the deck is still a bit too slow to catch up with FA decks. Æsop really helps but it's just not enough tempo. But I may just be playing it wrong.

But Aesops really work in this deck.

11 Jan 2014 Greek Geek

I really like the tweaks you've made. Two questions:

1)How do you find Imp and Knight? I don't like knight too much, so I preferred for two Demolition runs and a second Femme. I find I like it more than Imp, as it doesn't require memmory or Clone chips to recur. You can also access more cards from R&D in a single round this way. (Also two scavenged femmes on the same server is a really nice surprise move that rocks!)

2)With all the money this deck makes, do you really feel the need to run two Plascretes? Do you find yourself tagged often? I myself play with Daily casts and Armitage, adding Aesops for extra cash and a kind of insta-scavenge is also a great idea!

P.S. This deck is a little slow to start working, but I never found my self in a tight situation, once it starts going it's a blast!

11 Jan 2014 db0

Demo run is only worth it if you have 2+ RDIs out. Otherwise I find that Imp is better and more versatile as it can take care of both horizontal assets and Naked Sansans. One game I trashed 3 rezzed sansans in a row with it. Imp generally helps put more pressure in the early game.

Knight can do some funky stuff as well. It's a very high str AI that you can use to get into the server you want. It's especially good with clone chip. I don't use him that often but it works now and then and at least I have something to do with the Deep Red MUs :)

13 Jan 2014 Dottore2k

Check out Dirty Laundry instead of Sure Gamble. It generates one less credit, but saves you a click and if your engine has started you get the extra credit AND an extra card. Has the little advantage you can start from2 credits in your hand, not five.

14 Jan 2014 db0

Already in the latest iteration I'm playtesting, along with some other significant changes ;)