Dynamic Defense

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This is my Haas-Bioroid tournament deck, which I have been playing in some form or the other since All That Remains. It has only lost in tournament to Noise, who I now face constantly in my meta.

The primary idea is to immediately set up either a server which they cannot break or is moderately taxing and score at least one agenda, with the 5/3s preferred. Then you can either take advantage of scoring windows as they present themselves, or just fast advance your way out.

To do this you have 9 pure economy cards, three Boot Camps for the ice discount and tutoring, and two Peak Efficiency which rapidly equal Hedge Fund and then routinely soar up to ten or more credits. You ice itself is very cheap for how effective it is, with the NEXT pieces being the all stars of tax to cost ratio. Everything except the sentries end runs, and those sentries are simply disastrous for an unprepared runner. Architect's power is already well established, though Ichi 2.0 is also terrible to runners even if it is a bit less cost efficient than Ichi 1.0, which could not be included to avoid Atman 4 mopping you up.

The greatest strength of this deck, in my experience, is its flexibility. You can consistently set up servers that are almost as taxing as dedicated glaciers, but also have Biotic Labor for fast advance and enough recursion to deal with some dirty tricks. Project Vitruvius is especially helpful in this regard, since it effectively gives you unlimited hand size.

Against Criminal aggression, you out-tax. Against Shapers, you fast advance. Against Anarchs, you pick whatever option they didn't. All of this is only possible with The Foundry, since the slots you would normally dedicate to redundant ice instead go to securing a backup plan.

You do have weaknesses, but they are the exact opposite of most Corps' and are perfectly suited for Noise to exploit. Its quite simple, if the runner simply sits back and builds up a plan, you're ruined. Most runners nowadays can't do that effectively. They've sacrificed the long term for the short to deal with NEH, RP, and BS when they're the weakest. But the Foundry is weak to running late and selectively. Running early only kickstarts the engine, getting those vital first pieces of ice to defend everything. Foundry can't be easily siphoned down, since you can keep Campaign's unrezzed and have already poured most of your money into ice anyway. Derezzing can only disrupt in select few cases, and then only for a turn since your ice is cheap. And against Parasites, ice can be brought back with over a fifth of your deck. But if the runner has simply sat back, installed efficient breakers, and starts slamming R&D and only R&D with multi access, the game will be over in a few turns at most. Noise is even worse, since he can always mill from your agenda rich R&D, paying a flat cost to, at the very least, deny you a card.

But as long as the runner cannot cheaply access R&D, you have unbeatable inevitability. In even the worst cases, you can simply cycle your used biotics back through the deck with any number of recursion tools and score a 5/3 from hand with three Biotic (made easier by having even one Vitruvius counter) and 17 credits. If you think that's too much money, you've never used Peak Efficiency for 11.

The flex slots of this deck are dedicated to Midway Station Grid, Beanstalk Royalties, Mother Goddess, and I guess one Archived Memories and one Boot Camp. Everything else is vital to almost every game. I usually use all three Jackson to add from Archives, if only to lower my agenda density. I found Midway preferable to Caprice, since it can more easily secure R&D, especially with an Ash as you wait for the topdeck. And I honestly cannot think of another one influence money card that would work for this deck, though Beanstalk could easily be swapped out for a third Peak Efficiency.

I'm posting this now because I want a record of this deck. I expect Order and Chaos to substantially shake up the meta and have a few plans for Weyland myself, despite being a long time Haas loyalist.