blackjazz 124

Idea of the deck is pretty simple:

  1. Early play shell-game, slow opponent down with Vulcans, be annoying with Chronos, take few False Leads to put some pressure.

  2. Defend lightly most-valuable assets: DRTs, some key agendas. ETR some centrals if you're leaking too much.

  3. Mid-game: Score behind the archers

  4. Late-game: same as mid-game ;)

Tricks to pull of:

  1. Don't play always never-advance, since you've got some decent traps in decks

  2. Single rez Mother Goddess to stop early-game R&D leaks or create decent scoring server.

General advices:

  1. In the meta of Steelskin, fire Scorches asap, and recycle them with Jacksons

  2. You're light on money, since your stuff does not cos much: Snares, DRT, 2 traps and scorches. You should be ok with just the stuff included.

  3. Don't care about bad publicity. You will be ok as long as the runner lacks key breakers.

  4. Don't bother rezing archers if you're facing eater's suite.