The Fame Train

LeonardQuirm 968

Gotta keep running!

This is a Tenma deck that I've had a considerable degree of success with. It's especially good against NEH or anything with a large number of undefended assets. Mulligan for money or Mr Li. Mostly nothing special, but a few choices worth noting:

  • The key combo is to get two Security Testings and Doppleganger - who needs Desperado when you can get four credits for a click? Throw in a Dirty Laundry or a Three Steps Ahead and you're rolling in it.
  • A single Security Testing with Doppleganger is still better than Desperado if there's just one undefended server...for one click a turn, anyway.
  • Notoriety is amazing with Doppleganger. It's won me a vast number of games, and being able at the start of your turn as runner to look at the board and say "I win in four clicks" rather than relying on lucky accesses is always fun.
  • Three Steps Ahead is great as long as you have an undefended server and Doppleganger out. Just run for the entire turn. Obviously if you can get some Security Testing(s) and Dirty Laundry out of it too, then you'll be rolling in it.
  • Only two Account Siphons? In fact, I often don't play them - only if either the game depends on it, or my opponent is someone who has Account Siphoned me in a previous game. I'm that sort of player.
  • Public Terminal over Pre-Paid Voicepad? Could go either way really, but the number of non-run events is fairly low, and most of them you'll be using a run event in the same turn too.
  • Public Terminal at all? It's the 45th card. Feel free to replace it - it went in after both Unregistered S&W and Window turned out to be utter rubbish.

The deck can struggle with glacier builds, admittedly. In that case, you may find yourself clicking for creds more than you'd like, since most of the economy is based on easy runs. Also obviously take care for losing your programs, with no recursion.

But it's Tenma using Doppleganger, attempting to gain Notoriety to separate him from his clone brethren. Flavour as well as being quite good (as far as I've found) - what more could you want?