Franken-Reina v1.4

wishmaster317 42

Updated for Order and Chaos. Anarchs don't care about it being 47 cards. The goal is to break in, eat your ice, and keep the Corp on their toes.

Swordsman might be a hiccup to this, but I can wreck it with Parasite and brush it off by recurring my AI breakers with Deja Vu, and an added bonus of Pawn for Knight. I also get a chance of using I've Had Worse for free with that 1 Net Damage.

Deep Red because I want to keep up the pressure with Rook and Knight. Plus if you've managed to get rid of one of my Knights by getting rid of the ice it's on, nothing would make me happier than to bring it back with a Keyhole run and Pawn and put it on your new ice.

The more successful my Eater runs, are the cheaper they get as Datasucker will just keep generating virus counters. I've noticed that if I don't have anything like Lamprey or Medium in play, the Corp seldom purge virus counters. Still not worried if they did. It's their turn they lost, and give me more time to get into whatever they deem most important to them.

Imp lets me get rid of annoying things like SanSan City Grid for free, as well as any other high trash cost things in a remote server.

Really, the only thing I fear is getting flatlined by Weyland. Punative is common around here, so Plascrete may show up at some point. For now though, I chose Imp over Plascrete.