PDX: Dice Age SC: 1.31.15, 20 players, 1st Place HB:EtF

mattastrophic 233

Dice Age Games Store Championships: PDX area, 20 players, 1st place: Mattastrophic's Punishing Glacier

This deck represents an evolved version of a deck I spotted in October of last year ("HB Blood Angel"); I've been tinkering with the basic idea of an Engineering the Future deck with 3x Punitive Counterstrike ever since.

A few of the card choices are worth some explanation:

-Reversed Accounts is a superstar. After installing it then advancing twice, the Runner is put in a very bad position: either they run the scoring server it's been placed in and spend a bunch of money to trash it, or they don't run it and lose a lot of credits on the Corporation's turn.

-Crisium Grid is there to deal with Eater, Keyhole, Account Siphon, Legwork, The Maker's Eye, and other harsh effects.

-Mamba is in for several reasons. Unlike Ichi 1.0, Mamba can hurt the Runner even if the Runner doesn't have a rig. Also, it's a Sentry with higher Strength than what Mimic can break. And finally, the power counter effect is useful for chipping away at the Runner's hand during the run where they'll score a 3-pointer, and it can hopefully nab an I've Had Worse, thus ensuring a flatline next turn.

-As much as I enjoy using the NEXT suite, I was expecting a lot of Parasites due to the release of Order and Chaos. The NEXT ICE are pretty vulnerable to Parasite, so I chose to include Wall of Static and Enigma instead.

1 Feb 2015 grogboxer

Have you considered Markus?

1 Feb 2015 mattastrophic

I have, actually. I wanted a hard end-the-run to go alongside Eli 1.0, though. I might try out a version that swaps Wall of Static for Markus 1.0 and Enigma for Viktor 1.0... go all-in on bioroids.

2 Feb 2015 sruman

As an HB glacier fan, how many of the wins were flatline and how many were straight-up scores? I've hesitated on Blood Angel variants since Blue Sun since it seems people are now packing more plascretes and will search/drop one when they see the punitive (a so-so chance I suppose) or simply out of paranoia after they draw it. Therefore, it would seem easy for the runner to handle one of the decks alternate win conditions (and more so with "I've had Better" now going to popular).

2 Feb 2015 mattastrophic

Yesterday, I had four flatlines and one agenda-point victory. The deck went 5-0 overall.

2 Feb 2015 XxAuroraUser69xX

Why a full three punitives this time around?

2 Feb 2015 mattastrophic

The earlier I draw two of them, the faster the flatline option comes online. Also, the ability to flatline the Runner after a random 5/3 pull out of R&D in the early game is pretty sweet.

3 Apr 2015 DrBeatnicpie

Love this build, but I switched Mamba for Snoop.

13 Apr 2015 krystman

Hey, I just saw your new HB deck on the Stimhack stream. Would you mind sharing it? I've been experimenting with Director Haas myself recently.