Cannot control yourself? - Winning Store Championship deck

fredrikc 134

I won our store championship with 12 participants with this lovely deck. It is a bit slow but it is a beast once it has found eater and either account siphons and/or keyhole.

Same old thing and deja vu are for recurring blackmail if the corp is trying to use a scoring remote but many matches the corp just crumbled to dust and I used them to recur account siphons.

I built the deck after hearing The Winning Agenda-podcast talk about control-Valencia and only had opportunity to play the deck 5 times before the tournament, I would probably add a third Earthrise Hotel when I rebuild the deck.

I was very lucky to not run into any Near Earth Hub since I do not think I could keep up with the speed unless drawing early Eater+Keyhole+Economy.

24 Feb 2015 Omphaloskeptic

How do you deal with Crisium Grid?

24 Feb 2015 fredrikc

@Omphaloskeptic At the moment, I don't if I can't parasite all ice in front of it or get through with Mimic. I parasited and blackmailed one such server in the tournament.