Mother F****er Variant - Myriad Games, NH, 1st Place

lunaticcalm 14

Store Champs winner at Myriad Games, Manchester NH 2/22/15 (16 players)

This deck is derived from SlySquid's excellent 'Mother F****er' deck. The changes are:

-3 Knight -2 Amped -1 Joshua B.

+2 Corroder +1 Singularity +2 Prepaid Voicepad +1 Knifed

The reasoning behind the changes was to have a bit more permanent real access capabilities, and a little more econ through the prepaids. I had a couple times when I would have preferred knight over corroder, but also had several times I was happy to have corroder, so I think it was a wash there.

The deck went 4-1, winning games against standard RP twice, ETF, and NEH, losing only to a Titan Atlas train deck (I scored 6 quite quickly but was kept out of R&D long enough by an Archer for the corp to finally get the train rolling).