WhizPad | Mark II

gumonshoe 2973

This can be played in ANY anarch ID. It's hard to argue that any deck is best for it; it just depends on what you want. Ultimately, being able to trash stuff and save money is the most valuable ability (only 2 for a SanSan, 1 for a pad) today. But, there's enough viruses that you can force archives to be a server by switching to noise. If combo is a problem, you can switch to Kim. If you want to pressure ice harder and your opponent's economy, switch to Reina (not a great choice, but there's a tax there). With valencia, you'd take another inject and possibly a few more events + another sucker/d4v1d. You also might try to get a second special order, blackmail & planned assault (basically don't play lucky find or legwork).

The only runner you don't play this with is MaxX. She throws away too much of your stuff for voicepad to be valuable.

I recommend balancing your silverware based on your individual meta. Going down to 2 for parasites if that seems more valuable, but I'm presenting a neutral package at the moment.

You have plenty of memory with this set up. Don't worry about overdrawing, just get set up and fetch back what you need with deja vu. Also, taking a full turn for day job is fine and encouraged. Play it a few times and you'll figure out when its good/bad.