Untrashable v4

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This deck is built on the idea that running any single remote against Jinteki:RP is going to be more expensive, and then makes your assets and upgrades even more costly to trash with Encryption Protocols.

Eventually you want a good pile of money plus Ash + Hokusai Combo with some Encryption Protocols on the side. Effectively you would force the runner to have to waste 3 clicks, take 2 damage and spend a good pile of credits just to take a look at a remote once. Then you recur your Ash with Howards or Interns.

Sundew is the star of this deck. Protect it early with a Chimera or leave it unprotected if the runner does not trash assets and it can proivide a truckload of money over the course of the game.

This is a version with less econ (just 6 assets) but with 3 shocks instead. Those in turn function kinda like a soft econ, as you can drop them in archives and discourage sucker/desperado runs without using any ICE. Unfortunately the runner can still run and jackout without accessing, so eventually you'll prolly want something light as well there, like a shadow.

Because shocks discourage Archives access, very often you'll be able to hide one or two agendas in there for a longer time than usual, giving you a breather.

Closed Accounts might seem like a weird card in this deck, but it has caught a lot of players unaware, especially if they gathered a few tags from shadows before this hit the table. However it's there primarily for counter to tag-me/siphon runners, because otherwise they will walk all over you.

24 Jan 2014 heartlessgamer

I like the changes. I am still playing a version of this but I am going with 3x Ice Wall instead of the Shadows and with Trick of Light, having dropped the Closed Accounts. I have not gotten true colors yet so don't have any feedback on those cards, though I think you are spot on with your use of Shock!

24 Jan 2014 heartlessgamer

I like the changes. I am still playing a version of this but I am going with 3x Ice Wall instead of the Shadows and with Trick of Light, having dropped the Closed Accounts. I have not gotten true colors yet so don't have any feedback on those cards, though I think you are spot on with your use of Shock!

24 Jan 2014 db0

Have you played against any Criminal Tag-Me decks with it? How do you cope against constant siphons and R&D pressure?

24 Jan 2014 Brendon27

db0, have you gotten much mileage out of your Ronin in this deck?

24 Jan 2014 db0

Yes. I've both flatlined runners who didn't expect it, as well as baited them to waste money. It's a good when the runner doesn't know for sure that anything advancing is an agenda.

24 Jan 2014 McKindling

I have a lot of fun with this deck, which makes you very wealthy, but it seems to have a lot of trouble stopping runners on remotes with an agenda. If the runner hits HQ or R&D and hits a shock/fetal/hokusai/snare it cripples them enough that I can get an agenda through, but if they turtle Tsurgi and wall of thorns aren't enough to stop a well funded runner in my opinion. How do you handle this?

24 Jan 2014 db0

Your economy is usually faster than the runner. If they let it live, you should be able to start scoring agendas sooner than their rig. Then simply start pushing agenda after agenda on your remote, protected by Ash and Hokusai. If tyhey have to pay 8-9 just to see an Ash and run again, you should be able to score the next agenda.

24 Jan 2014 McKindling

So keep recurring ASH with interns and Jackson which is even better if you get those encryption protocols out early? I also see value as has been suggested earlier in getting ice wall instead of shadow. If a runner goes Tag-me then shadow just gives money, which isn't a deterrent on R&D lock.

Still, I love the deck and many other decks you've made. Thanks.

24 Jan 2014 x3r0h0ur

I was fucking around with chairman hiro just now and I realized how sick he'd be in this deck as a 1 of. particularly if you got good at scoring ronins. a 9 to trash asset that reduces your opponent to nearly ronin-insta death levels is a fun concept. If you could mix in some brain damage, 1 is all it takes to make ronin a 1 shot. God the future looks bright for jinteki :P

24 Jan 2014 db0

if the runner goes tag-me against shadow, then it means that they can't as easily get you poor by simply siphoning you through it and then trashing your assets. But the best thing about shadow, that it's not an easy bounce, which this deck relies on.

24 Jan 2014 Hoywolf

You don't seem to have a lot of end the runs ICE, I feel the deck gets hurt with several account siphon runs. they can then pick at your R&D. I suppose that depends if you have a Sundew out and your getting creds back from those runs.

I would swap the Encription Prot with Ice walls or even paper walls so you can fit in pop-up windows for more economy.

I don't like Chimera, depends on your meta, lots of Reinas at least for me, so I'd find another ICE to replace that.

I like how Shock! protects your archives so you need less ICE to place there.

24 Jan 2014 db0

Check this video so see how I deal with Siphons. Generally an ICE wall is not effective at all at siphon stoppage while a chimera is perfect in the early game to protect your sundew. If I get a Sundew/Chimera combo at the start I'm ecstatic! Chimera can also cover your HQ if you're expecting siphons, and is not defeated by special order.

Encryption protocols are very good for this deck, because they make your ash/hokusai combos far more difficult to deal with, especially when you're rich. And with 2 of them down, most people give up trying to trash your econ, which accelerates your game a lot.

24 Jan 2014 Hoywolf

Your link doesnt work :(

In the early game your still gonna protect your Sundew right? it is a turn 2 play then? since turn 1 you will ICE HQ and R&D? You get a net of 0 creds they just run into a Chimera then just run your Remote to trash your Sundew I'm guessing.

24 Jan 2014 Hoywolf

nm got it to work your missing the :

here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OgVbKxXJTU

25 Jan 2014 db0

Chimeras usually go on Sundew, not on centrals naked, unless I'm strongly suspecting siphon shenanigans and it's the only ICE I have.

25 Jan 2014 variable7601

Great deck and your construction is always solid. I love how people suggest dropping cards like Encryption Protocol, when that card is fundamental to this deck (and in the deck title), but anyway. I have tried a Project Junebug over Ronin and it's worked as often as it doesn't, but I'll prob go back to Ronin. I play against a lot of Infiltration/Expose cards, so if they see Ronin, they will go after it and trash it, whereas PJ they will just shrug off. Thanks for the inspiration.

28 Jan 2014 bcavalier

Hey, just played this at my local league and loved it. I changed out the ICE to be a bit more teethy using: 1x Wall of Thorns 3x Neural Katana 2x Tsurigi 3x Chimera 2x Himistu Bako 2x RSVP -1 Jackson Howard. -3 Shadow -2 Braintrust +2 Fetal AI

I freaking LOVED it. RSVP, Bako, and Chimera make the runner play all 3 breakers, while all my sentries do the real taxing. Meanwhile I wind up building up my scoring server (Chimera/WoT/Himistu) with Ash and Hokusai. It's a great deck that really messes with the meta of my area if I can survive the early game, which isn't hard in a trap laden Jinteki R&D.

29 Jan 2014 db0

Hm, only problem I can see is that your early game might be tougher than mine, since you're lacking the shadows. Katanas are expensive at the start and if the opponent grabs a mimic first thing, they're also suboptimal. Also -1 Jesus Howard!? Blasphemy! :)

7 Feb 2014 spaco

I really like this deck and it has inspired me to focus on Jinteki as my first faction. I only currently have the core set, True Colors and Trace Amount, so I have come up with the following cheaper version until I get more cards. Any feedback is welcome =) http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/2024/poor-man-s-untrashable-core-ta-tc-#

10 Feb 2014 spaco

Howdy db, please see my response to your comments and check out my modified deck here. Thanks! http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/1965/poor-man-s-untrashable-core-ta-mt-tc-

20 Feb 2014 unseenvision

How do you protect your remotes behind a single Chimera against a Kit deck that starts off with an early Yog.0?

20 Feb 2014 unseenvision

Assuming they somehow run a central without encountering any ice, that is.

21 Feb 2014 db0

I just put something in front of the Chimera. A Shadow is usually fine.

27 Feb 2014 bcavalier

I'll be taking a heavily modded version into a Store Championship this Saturday ... wish me luck.

18 Mar 2014 Tazocin

Been playing RP since i started with ANR and was using something using Encryptions and heavier ICE. Since changing to this I still cant quite give up my Heimdall/Ichi but it plays so much better than my efforts!

I struggled to make the Ronin work but GRNDL refinery seems like a nice econ booster potentially. Tried out Subliminal Messenging in place of PAD but its not reliable enough against an aggressive runner. Hokasai is a great card but it doesnt necessarily contribute to the high trash cost style of the deck, its more win more. Ideally I would want to squeeze a Rhuhr in but its very expensive influence wide.

How do you feel about the ice with regards to its late game stability? I cant make this deck go fast, I like my agendas in Archives or RND, never in hand or on board til I'm setup and often I can tax the runner hard enough on the way to my Agenda server.

Overall I think its brilliant and plays how I enjoy playing, thanks for sharing the deck.

21 Mar 2014 db0

Ronin is there to either force a late-game runner into wasting their money for no benefit, or to provide an opening for a scoring of an agenda. Very often I'll play it lightly protected, and if the runner just ignores it, I smack them for 3, then play Nisei and advance once.

Hokusais are excellent in this deck. They allow you to tax the runner without providing an opportunity to simply bypass them or parasite them. And when paired with Ash and 1-2 Encryption protocols, they are beyond annoying for the runner. It's really not win more. I'm very happy at the start of the game to pull a hokusai and plop it in R&D. It protects against indexing and keyhole shenaningans, for very little upfront cost.

My late game ICE is Tsurugi and Wall of Thorns. These two + Ash/Nisei are enough to tax the runner enough to allow me to push agendas through faster than they can run in repeatedly. Tsurugi is perfect since it costs them a minimum 3 to bounce off of it in a remote which is great for an extra tag for a remote server.

nobody likes their agendas in hand, but they're actually quite safe there most of the time, even with a puny shadow protecting them, as the runner does not want to make you rich just on the off chance that you're holding any.

21 Mar 2014 Tazocin

Thanks for the feedback. I think it is my inexperience with the game thats making me think cards dont work rather than them not working!