The Shogun of the Net (Deckbuilding Derezzed Ep 2)

CodeMarvelous 19694

Hey Everyone!

This was my project deck for this week "Shogun of the Net"

It is a deck that punishes trashing corp cards which is a strategy that is very strong since the release of order and chaos.

This archetype has been played with by other people in the past so I put my tweaks on the things I have seen because I feel this archetype has arrived.

if you trash my stuff, I trash your stuff. Plain and Simple.

Here is a full guide and piloting tips

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Thanks, let me know what you guys and gals think!


8 Mar 2015 Dydra

I like it ... it looks balanced ... would really punish the runners who Parasite your Komainu and Tsurugis ... has a lot of other synergy as well ... great deck

9 Mar 2015 moistloaf

Is Ash better than Caprice? Noticed you're not running both.

9 Mar 2015 moistloaf

also, I think you definitely play 3 Celeb Gift here. Hostile is a pretty serious rez.

9 Mar 2015 bcavalier

I like it, a lot. Reminds me of my current deck:

SanSan South Taxed to death 2.0

Wound up replacing the 2x Ash 2X3ZB9CY with Architect, and love it.

Hostile Infrastructure protects your economy while in R&D and handles your EatHole hate,

Overall really balanced, and taxing, I love it! But I do have a couple pieces of food for thought.

Eli 1.0 with your deck theory, I wonder if there can be something a little 'stickier' Something that can go on a central, and be taxing protect a remote ... maybe Viper or [Rototurret]?(/en/card/01064).

I also wonder how much you're liking Yagura? It's awesome on R&D, but if you pull it after turn 4 or so, how useful is it? I find in my own similar deck if I survive past turn 4 without losing an agenda the game is almost sowed up mine.

Overall I like it a lot, I'll probably try it out and see how I like it, take some lessons onto my own deck!

9 Mar 2015 ody55eus

Love the deck and love the video to go with it! Hopefully going to be trying it this afternoon/this evening so I'll report back my findings .

9 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

@moistloaf Ash is good when you have lots of money and they cant trash it for fear of losing cards from hand. Caprice prevents runs from being successful, I want runs to be successful so i can do net damage

@moistloaf I have found two celeb gift to be the right number, often im sitting on 20 credits or more, at league last night I got three hostiles rezzed in the mid game and it was a complete econ control.

@bcavalier Viper could be a really interesting choice, thats one I hadnt thought of. I might make that substitution.

9 Mar 2015 Omphaloskeptic

Have you considered snare? It's so nice against legwork, and they can't trash without flat lining.

9 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

@OmphaloskepticThats a good idea but I have no room, originally I had two snares but at this point I can't cut anything except ice, which really makes the deck break down.

9 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

@Omphaloskepticthe only thing I could do is cut one grid and one yagura for 2 snares

9 Mar 2015 bcavalier

Believe me when I say I love Eli 1.0, and its been used to incredible effect at the highest level of play, but I still hate including any ETR only ICE to a jinteki deck, especially RP. It's just gotta be something they can't bounce from to hit that remote. Replacing with Viper's makes you really reliant on Code Gates, which may not be that great, but atleast its something they HAVE to break other than running on 4th click.

9 Mar 2015 Omphaloskeptic

Regarding Eli, you could try Markus if you want to avoid Etr only ice, or if you want to avoid being too reliant on code gates, but it isn't as efficient.

9 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

@bcavalier``@Omphaloskeptic I was thinking markus because then I have even more varied strengths

9 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

@bcavalier I sent you guys a message right when I put this up and posted the video, I don't know if you saw it.

10 Mar 2015 bcavalier

@CodeMarvelous Yeah, wasn't sure if you wanted comments on the YouTube or here. I'd be happy to comment on the Youtube as well!

11 Mar 2015 skydivingninja

@bcavalier I think a good general RP rule of thumb is to only put Eli on your remotes unless you have no choice (one ice hand). Not a bad idea to do 1 Markus 1 Eli if you want to be flexible.

@CodeMarvelous I really like the deck idea and have updated my old RP deck to include 2 copies of Hostile Infrastructure, 2 PADs, your agenda suite, and packed 1 Snare in there just in case. It took me a few playthroughs to convince me but the deck really doesn't need Hedge Fund! 2 Gifts makes me nervous though so I kept 3 in mine and have been very happy. Thanks for the deck and inspiration!