The Lobotomizer

Talism 80

Deck based around brain damage, so wanted it out of Stronger Together, but the 1 extra credit a turn really helps with the expensive bioroids.

vs Crim, make sure you ice Hq well.

one of the combos that is actually easier to pull off then you think, is wirlpool _> howeler-> trap (overider or edge).

still a work in progress, but so far has won its first 3 games of play

25 Jan 2014 Talism

also the sucessful demos work well with howler into something big

26 Jan 2014 ServerAssassin

I built a version of this deck with some changes. -1 Edge of the World -1 Eve Campaign -1 Melange Mining Corp -1 Awakening Center -1 Wotan -1 Janus.1.0 -2 Successful Demonstration -3 Bioroid Efficiency Research +1 Adonis Campaign +1 Restructure +2 Jackson Howard +1 Zed 1.0 +1 Chum +1 Veterans Program +3 Punitive Counterstrike

(I think that's right)

Usually I end up running Edge behind Fenris especially if they're running light on cards. Especially if I've already laid a Jackson and popped it, they usually run there hoping to trash another asset or find an agenda I've been holding on to.

27 Jan 2014 Talism

I keep trying zed but i just dont find it useful way to conditional to use.

i might try fit in snare or punitive, more likley punitive as has more use. EVE has a place, it bates out AS and lets you waste there event by rezing eve. if any thing i might try some more upgrades

27 Jan 2014 Talism

well i finally got to play this deck vs a tuned andy desperado/suck deck. got raped :(