Silhouette: Eater Daily Quester - 2nd place Quinn's tournie

herod1204 394

For anyone who is interested, this is the Silhouette deck mentioned on the day. Won 4 out of 5, lack of econ, lack of plascrete against Blue Sun, and a better player than me opposite was the cause of my one loss.

It pretty much does what it says on tin, feint into HQ to spot the agenda, then doppleganger onto R&D or archives, then hit the other server, and then quest complete to steal the agenda. Crypsis is your sneaky trick to brute force into a server if you haven't got a quest complete in hand, and you will be clicking Katie Jones almost every single turn of the game. Chakana saw very little usage, but is there to slow down NBN fast advance, taking advantage of their relatively weak ice.

If needed, this deck CAN go tag me. One match up, I got midseasoned turn 3 or 4, had my Katie Jones trashed, and I somehow managed the rest of the match with no Katie at all. It is far from ideal, but it can be done. Account siphon is not necessarily a control card in this deck, sometimes you can use it to stop them rezzing ice, but more often, use it for your initial HQ run to expose a card, and then use that money to fund the R&D and archives run too. Eater is just horrifically efficient.

It's a neat little deck, requires some good piloting, but is incredibly fun to play, any comments are as always more than welcome. My thanks to Quinns for both running the tournament, and for giving the deck a shoutout too, and my thanks to my opponents who endured the horrible inevitability of hearing the phrase: "Feint onto HQ... expose that card... doppleganger run on archives..." and didn't flip the table on me.

5 Apr 2015 fredrikc

Fun deck, feels like it could be improved by a prepaid voicepad or two. How did you handle wraparounds? They were my bane when running eater or other AI-programs.

5 Apr 2015 herod1204

I've toyed with the idea of prepaids, but 9 out of the 23 events cost nothing, and they tend to be the ones recurred. I think I just prefer the flexibility of having credits that I can use wherever they are needed.

I didn't see a single wraparound I don't think! I agree though, they are a pain in the backside for eater, but to be honest, the deck can make enough money to handle them and just keep on rolling. I'm toying with running a single breach to handle them, but I haven't had any problems with them in the past. Bar the exorbitant cost.

6 Apr 2015 Giraffe

Wicked deck :) I played against it (I was said Blue Sun) and I can confirm that this deck really does mess with the Corp's strategy, the horror and amusement you experience when you realise what this deck is doing :') Data Raven proved to be my saving grace in our match, tho I'm not too sure what can be done apart from plascreting up. But yeah, keep coming up with such awesome decks :)

6 Apr 2015 WorldSerpent

This was great to play against. Very unique deck, I am impressed you finally managed to get this idea to work.

6 Apr 2015 Dydra

Go for Notoriety instead of those chakanas ;)

6 Apr 2015 skydivingninja

Would it make more sense to go for The Source, Zu.13, and Corroder instead of the Chakana? You get some cheaper, more efficient breaker options than just Crypsis, and can still slow down fast advance with the Source.

Overall though I like it! Silhouette decks have always worked out well for me and I'm glad its done the same for you!

6 Apr 2015 rennac

Going against this in round 1 I can attest for how out of nowhere and brutal this deck can be.

7 Apr 2015 herod1204

Yeah, your Data Ravens made Sil a very sad lady Giraffe! And thankyou WorldSerpent and Rennac. I really enjoy how quickly the deck can start hammering the corp as well, 40 cards is brutal.

Dydra: I tried it with notoriety, and it just doesn't quite work irritatingly. Almost every quest complete run is a case of: Click one take money from Kati, click 2 feint/run HQ to expose a card and then a doppleganger run onto archives, click 3 run R&D, click 4 quest complete. Clicking Kati in an earlier turn would make that an option, but in all honesty it really can be quite expensive to run three servers! I might give it a try again, I only tried notoriety when I was running the centrals breaker suite, so it might work better with Eater.

Skydiving Ninja: The source is something I am toying with at the moment, as I feel it might be more efficient. The deck used to run legwork, the idea being that when the corp purges virus counters it probably signals an agenda in hand, at which point, install crypsis, click crypsis, legwork into HQ, but I ended up ditching them as they mostly just clogged up my hand. I could run those additional breakers, but I really don't need them. Crypsis is designed to be either an out of the blue surprise enabling me to break into a server in one turn, OR a constant threat, forcing them to ice all servers much more heavily.

Biotic labour royally screws this deck though, if the corp is able to keep the chakanas purged.

8 Apr 2015 Bubberducky

I must say...i love the idea behind this deck. Will surely try it.

15 Apr 2015 saltytacopanda

How do you deal with Crisium Grids?

16 Apr 2015 herod1204

With great difficulty.

They are the bane of the deck. If they are on HQ, they are beatable with double feint. If they are elsewhere, you kinda have to crypsis through to them which is horrific. I'm currently redesigning the deck to try and solve the problem.

22 Apr 2015 KefkaPalazzo

Why would you need double Feint for Crisium?