Caprise's warehouse

Trizzy613 142

My attempt at revisiting Stronger together with Caprice Nisei... Stick her with a Heinlein grid and if the Runner can't afford to lose a click or you're guaranteed to win the Psi game for 1 credit!

8 Apr 2015 Four_Leaf

Executive Boot Camp + Brain-Taping Warehouse doesn't combo as the runner's clicks refill at the beginning of their turn.

8 Apr 2015 Trizzy613

@Four_LeafI just use it to tutor for Brain-Taping Warehouse as fast as possible as a back up...

8 Apr 2015 Four_Leaf

my mistake sir for assuming. Why no Adonis since you have a drip econ?

8 Apr 2015 Trizzy613

@Four_Leaf It definitely seems like it would make a lot of sense... I've been trying to squeeze them in but I fear the runner will trash them before I can turn a profit. With PAD Campaign I find they never really bat an eye and figure it's not worth it...

I may actually swap 2x Green Level Clearance with 2x Adonis Campaign since a present Executive Boot Camp softens the blow and also at the cost of a click to trsh it that keeps my Bioroids scary...


8 Apr 2015 Four_Leaf

I find that if you run enough econ in your assets, the runner never has that much money to trash everything. My concept is that they can trash some things, but they have to choose between building their rig, or letting me have money. Here is my list and I wrote up a really detailed conceptual look at how my list plays.

tldr: let them trash some of your assets as a "tax" instead of a source of money. Sometimes, scoring windows come from them not having enough money to break through because they're trashing assets that you didn't need in the first place. It's a win / win for me when they trash my eve or don't. I don't care :D

8 Apr 2015 Four_Leaf

My list has also changed from that post in the following:

  • -1 Eve
  • +1 BTW
  • +1 DBS

My assets feel almost exactly where I want them.

8 Apr 2015 Four_Leaf

-1 Crisium Grid

8 Apr 2015 Trizzy613

Very interesting! I really like the inclusion of Daily Business Show in Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together. It's definitely great to prevent the agendas from flooding..

Lately I think I've been obsessing a tad too obsessed with trying to use Brain-Taping Warehouse to it's full potential.

Alas this is my latest attempt