[Nerdrunners] The NEXT Crusade v1.2

markusfriend 565


The NEXT and Grail ice work incredibly well with The Foundry - you can get set up really quickly and increasingly tax the runner as the game progresses as you install and rez more ice.

IT Department is the star of this deck - once it gets going it can make it impossible for the runner to run on any server, which allows you to safely score out your agendas.

For a full deck description check out Episode 7 of Nerdrunners.

11 Apr 2015 Scud
11 Apr 2015 markusfriend

I did look at putting that in. Maybe I could remove the Architects for 2 Troubleshooters.

14 Apr 2015 diufghadsfiuahs

Very similar to the NEXT/Grail Foundry deck I made. Personally I don't like the idea Corporate Troubleshooter because sometimes the economy can be tight, and if CT doesn't fire it's getting trashed.

How is Excalibur working out for you? I've debating putting more than one in alongside my Mother Goddess. IT Department has been a pain to get built up I've found, but when it gets rolling it's pretty great.