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SeIverin 3128

It's just my upgraded deck from worlds.

13 Apr 2015 DrunkenGineer

How often did you play Clot, and was it worth the deck slot?

13 Apr 2015 SeIverin

It's only 1 copy so it's not very problematic to put it in. It's perfect counter for fa. I needed cloth in 2 games. I don't even need to play it, just have it in deck.

13 Apr 2015 saltytacopanda

I play your stimshop CT often, gotta ask: how do you deal with Curtain Wall on R&D against Blue Suns?

13 Apr 2015 SeIverin

Take 8 credits for 5 turns, then R&D run for 6 cards and pray for agendas.

13 Apr 2015 Vorpalgens

No plascrete?

13 Apr 2015 SeIverin

No, you win or you die.

14 Apr 2015 Four_Leaf

the real question is how do you handle Ichi 1.0 tax? I see a lot of decks running it now as a 3 of since Datasucker isn't being run by most Leela players.

14 Apr 2015 SeIverin

Click, Click, trace me.

15 Apr 2015 KarzinomEngel

I play i bit "safer" (and slightly slower) version of this deck. -1x Magnum -1x Legwork -2x Astro

  • 2x Hedge
  • 2x Box-E

Mainly, regarding my bad draw luck, secondly I like to feel "fine" after my second stim-dash-shop...

15 Apr 2015 KarzinomEngel

Side note: I really like the "Elsa-Style" in this deck on the last 5-6 card R&D run...

"Let it go, let it go... brain damage/breakers never bothered me anywff....pffaraahggll..."

1 May 2015 slakker

The 2 - CCs and Clot feel like dead cards in half the games when I'm drawing for multi access. With all the big ice and RP, I'd almost rather have a second Femme just for test run and two scavenges for my first. Can't we just let all the Kate decks run Clot to keep NEH out of the meta? ;)

1 May 2015 SeIverin

Sadly it doesn't work like that :( 1 cloth is solving too many problems to get rid of it. And more influence is not needed. CC is usefull for recurring smc and deus x.

17 May 2015 juliandark

I am noticing a trend of 4+ strength sentries like Ichi 1.0 , Nebula, Cortex Lock and even Susanoo in the decks I meet lately (RP mostly) which I find are very annoying to deal with using this setup. What would be the best way to deal with it?

What I tried: +Atman+datasucker-Mimic-test run -> this seemed to work at first, but the need of having Femme installed slowed the deck and made those 2 remaining test runs much less useful. Also MU issues, so this is a no but datasucker was great, not only for atman.

-legwork-2astrolabe+2Box-E+atman -> This solved the MU issues, made me feel a bit safer sitting outside of single scorch territory, but Atman alone wasn't as flexible as I'd have liked. It was a little slower as well, because early box-e was useless. But it worked and it certainly made those troublesome ICE cheaper. So ok-ish.

Also with MO I am sorely missing Vamp to shut off Caprice on RnD/remote. In the first try, I would be ok with exhanging legwork for a vamp, but in the second version, I can't go to just 1 legwork :( Also 1-of Vamp in a deck that risks tossing it away from Stimhack damage would ask for some SoTs.

Perhaps -legwork-2astrolabe+2cybersolutions memchip+datasucker? and perhaps go Utopia shard instead of something to make up for the lost Legwork, also as combo protection.

Or Perhaps just slot in a Personal Touch or two and put it on Mimic?

Any ideas welcome as I really like the deck.

28 May 2015 gammanet

@juliandark I took his worlds build when I got bored of the professor and wanted something actually consistant and slowly tweaked it for me. I've found atman at 4,5 or 6 matchup depending solves all you issues that femme(well she does, but its hella expensive) and mimic do not, combined with Box-E for memory, less death, and a bit more recursion. I have not tried clot yet, I may in the future.

4 Jun 2015 juliandark

Taking this deck to a regionals, final changes are: -3legwork-1makers eye-3QT-2Astro +2BoxE+1Vamp+1SoT+3Hotel+1sucker+1utopia

I feel legworks are the only place where I can save the influence for other things, and having none REALLY hurts, but I expect a lot of RP and as noted before, I wanted to deal with str 4+ sentries in an efficient way, I opted for Box-E+sucker, which costs me 3 influence and I figured I'd rather have 1 vamp instead of 1 legwork.