Ouchy ouchy ragey ragey. Winner London Regionals 19th April

Groober 326

I would drop the enhanced login for a fast track. Then I'd probably change a himitsu to an eli and something else? Or put in another ichi instead of something?

Anyway, deck went 4-2 over the day. Lost to Iain's Andromeda deck (crypsis laughs at excalibur shenanigans and he's just v. good). Lost to Joey's immensely good deck (see here: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/19404/paige-me-red-and-call-me-valencia-london-regional-2nd-plac) where at one point he vamped me for 55 credits (fifty-five in old-school teletext).

Otherwise, I beat 3 Leela and a silhouette. Can't believe I didn't see any Kate (ashigaru was TERRIBLE for me) but I think crim is a good matchup in general, because the tax gets real and you just have to be careful of putting caprice in the right places.

Report to follow!

20 Apr 2015 elstob

As one of the Leela's you faced (Round 4) I can get behind the addition of another Ichi. I faced it in 5 of my first 6 games (5 of which were RP) and it was a gut check every time. Such a great call in our current meta I think and the only thing surprising to me was how many people made it.