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John"Animal"McEvoy 1361

Still testing... looks good though. Comet will allow you to play Quality time and freelance for some awesome quick money. If you want to add Plascrete take out one Magnum Opus and one Levy. Like I said I'm still testing, so advice is welcomed! :D

28 Apr 2015 ila

I like it. I've tried a couple of iterations of this too, you can check them out @ "Soybeef Beach Tacos." I went with PPvP and later Scavenge. My buddy turned me on to Scavenge and it works amazingly well if you are using Hayley and Comet together. I've found it's really helpful to increase your hand size, you might try Public Sympathy x3. I think that really bumps up the effectiveness of Freelancing.

28 Apr 2015 John"Animal"McEvoy

Thanks ila! Scavenge sounds awesome! Ill try to find a place for it!

28 Apr 2015 John"Animal"McEvoy

Public sympathy would be great too, but i dont know what i would take out for it.

28 Apr 2015 hi_impact

Yea Public Sympathy is the most reasonable way for Shaper's to make Gamed Day or massive draw good, especially with Freelance.