LLDS Madness v2.1

Diegofsv 1368

A really crazy idea. Its a light eco deck because, after you're set, everything is almost free. Here is how it works.

First thing you want is a Replicator. After you install it, ALWAYS get another hardware copy, even useless one. It thins your deck and leaves what you need, and works beautifully with Capstone. After that get a LLDS and install all 3 of it.This is the base of your so everytime you install an icebreaker, he will be with at least +3 str (Dino will make it +5). Do not be afraid to change your already installed Inti your ZU, scavenge em, test run it from the archives and next turn buy it and install them again. When every tutor is gone, go for Levy and stay using capstone to remove any useles card buy your icebreakers again. Scheherazade is great here. Its a beautiful thing have a 5 str faerie that gives you 1 cred. Feedback is always welcome.

Added Multicard access (R&D interface) and Imp for trashing san san or any other necessary cards. You wont have credits enough for trashing any card at all most of the time.

6 Feb 2014 Gasparov

I'm not sure the deck is competitive as, as you said, you often don't have a lot of money to trash cards or to make a successful run without re-installing an ice.

But the idea is great ! Definitely worth trying.

6 Feb 2014 Luzifer

One thing I am trying out with a similar build, is a set of Prepaid VoicePads. They reduce the cost of your events, making your test runs free, your sure gambles into gain 7s and dirty laundry (which im running) into gain 5s.

Also, what about cyber cypher over Zule? it also you to more easily maintain pressure on a server, and can still be reinstalled if you want to shift focus