Video Killed the Radio Star v0.1

Shiiuga 1193

I've seen a few of the Bioroid/Brain-Taping Warehouse combo decks around and was inspired to make one by the deck Eady from Run Last Click took to London Regionals recently.

I've been interested in the debate between Engineering the Future and Stronger Together and I think I'll try it out with both to see which synergises better. ETF is up first I guess.

Obviously the deck is intended to rez some Bioroids for cheapsies pretty early until the runner gets wise and starts running last click (like the podcast!) The thing I noticed about the other versions of this deck is that they were not punishing the runner for choosing to run last click - beyond their losing the ability to click through otherwise porous bioroids, so I thought I'd try and add some teeth to it.

The plan is to rez the bioroids whilst it's cheap and leave the other pieces of ice, particularly Data Raven unrezzed until you spring the surprise on them when they're running click 4 and have no way of removing any tags they pick up before the next turn.

Hopefully by this point you have one or both Scorched Earths in hand and you can win next turn.

Like any ICE Data Raven is vulnerable to Parasite here, but with three of them hopefully you present the runner with the choice of running early and giving you cheapo nasty bioroids or running late and swallowing a tag every turn.

The tempo hit could be a big boost as well when they wonder why you are tagging them and perhaps play a bit more defensively.

As usual I've not actually played with this deck yet so it could be hot trash, but I was interested with the idea of making runs on any click painful rather than just the first 3.