Newly Exploded Housing v1 - 4th Place, Sheffield Regionals

Highwire 1018

A few months ago, at the local Store Championships, I played a Scorch/Kill deck using Midseasons to get a 4th place finish. After the event, I was talking to another local player and going over the deck, when we realised the majority of the cards I was splashing for were NBN, and that rather than transplanting the Tag aspect into Weyland, transplanting the Kill package into NBN would be far more efficient. I built and tested something very close to this list for about 3 weeks, studiously not playing the deck even on OCTGN so as not to give the tech away for a deck I thought would be a great surprise for Regionals.

A week before Regionals, the Seattle Butcher's Shop list was posted on the front page of NRDB and I made a very sad face.

My list isn't the same as the Seattle list - I don't use Ravens or Universal, instead relying on using econ events to burst up to a point where the runner is in MSR range; then threatening a 2 advanced breaking news behind some ICE. I've landed turn 4 kills off a Breaking News behind a Mother Goddess. Careless MaxX players will float tags against you and just let them kill you for free.

There's not much I can write about this type of deck which isn't already out there, but sufficed to say that this is definitely an Archetype that can produce good results at high levels of competition.