Sorry but you must die! V4.1

bot2563 18

Full blast theory.

8 Feb 2014 x3r0h0ur

Shame to see it without PSF

8 Feb 2014 bot2563

Snoop + psf is a good idea for more fun ^^ -2 restructure +3 PSF Now I need to found 1 slot ...

9 Feb 2014 scifor

I like it, it is so interesting. How is the performance so far?I feel like RSVP is out of place though.

9 Feb 2014 PeekaySK

Those RSVPs really should be tollbooths - to get even more ICE that's important to Femme or Parasite.

Also, for the love god, not TMI. Hell, even Burke Bugs are better than TMI. If you want a barrier, grab Bastion or Paper Wall.

9 Feb 2014 bot2563

Well, but I hate paper wall with only 13 ices