Jack Carvis: Disheartened Virginian (05/16/2015 Louisville,

hasuprotoss 345

This is the deck that I used to win the Louisville, Kentucky regional on 5/16/2015. This exact list was also piloted by its creator, Zach Cavis (winner of the Atlanta Regional) to third. So yes, Cyber-Cypher in Andromeda won a lot of games on the day.

I was actually convinced to swap to this list the night before the tournament. I was planning on playing the Parasite/Sucker list I played in Atlanta last week, but Zach gave this 45 to me and I felt fairly confident playing it in the few testing games I got in. It helped that I played a list a lot like this during Store Champ season.

I know that I went 4-2 through Swiss (wins against Argus, Titan, Tennin, and Blue Sun, losses to NEH and RP), and then went on a 4-0 tear through eliminations (wins against RP x3 and NEH). Also, Zach went a combined 7-1 on the day with this list.

This deck may be the best deck against RP in the meta*. Switchblade and Yog.0 can blank a huge amount of the taxing ice that causes issues. Pup on archives becomes "turn 1 recurring credit into 3 real credits and a datasucker counter." Also, the capability to just slowly draw into your Siphons while also keeping up the econ pressure by trashing all of RP's assets and putting immense pressure on them to shore up centrals with ice that you can't just walk through with your breaker suite means that as soon as they drop an agenda you can double siphon, and then walk into the remote, while also greatly impacting Caprice math (if you can just double bid 0 to force them to not be able to score next turn, they essentially have to give the agenda up or be stuck in a pseudo lock where they're stuck taking 3 to just play the psi game every turn). The R&D Interfaces help you seal a game out, and may make it desirable to leave Daily Business Show up (but that's very rare, you have to have a VERY strong lock to make this viable. However, I did do it once on the day).

Other than RP, I feel most of your matchups are fine, for many of the same reasons. NEH is always going to feel like a crapshoot, but you've got the tools to get it done between a generally large amount of servers to Security Testing, extremely efficient breakers to prevent them from being able to tax your economy, the capability to mess with their economy by trashing their resources and using Account Siphon, and fairly decent multi-access.

As far as Cyber-Cypher is concerned, I laid it down once on the day and it let me get into a remote. That's really all I'll say about it. Zach, Joshua B. (the namer of the deck, which we'll discuss in a second), and myself have been discussing alternatives, but we've yet to come up with a great alternative. Maybe Zu and something else with the extra influence? Maybe Net Ready Eyes (when it comes out)? I joked that I would wish that the Cyber-Cypher was a Capstone, but that was plainly a lie since I actually did use Cyber-Cypher once... so yeah, there's that.

Also, in case you're wondering: Jack Carvis is an amalgamation of the various misspellings of Zach's name (he was Jack Caris at Worlds and Zach Carvis in Louisville).

*: Maybe not this exact list, but something very close to it.

18 May 2015 Calimsha

My Andysucker + Switchblade do play a Zu instead of CyCy and the last remaining inf goes to an Utopia Shard.

18 May 2015 TonyStellato

Looks like a much better way to run Cyber-Cypher Andy than I did at this years first SC for me. I made top 4 with it, but it was so Janky, bouncing my 2 CyCys with uninstall xD I look forward to trying it out

18 May 2015 Fruggles




NRE is going to make this deck even better.

19 May 2015 sruman

Crick is the new archives guardian for RP (as opposed to pup or yagura or something). Certainly doesn't shutdown sec testing goodness but "cricks" it's style, did you see this much on the day?

19 May 2015 Fruggles

When the datasucker engine gets going, you can afford to run past it with yog/passport, but otherwise, it tends to be easier to just hit R&D or HQ. They can correct me if wrong, but I don't think I ever saw a cyber-cypher on archives to deal with that, for instance (not really any more efficient, anyways). Besides, if that's what's keeping your sec testing and datasuckers down, you've probably got other things to worry about...