Because we Built it in space !

reyda 35

It's a BBW deck (that ID needs more love imho) It's not designed to play scorched earth and damaging stuff. It's just here to score agendas. The Ice will cost you close to nothing. There is not much money in the deck, but you'll be fine without it don't worry. The Ice rule is simply "end the run is strong", so no fancy tricks except of course the trick of light which will let you score quite fast most of your agendas. The deck is using simone diego to force runs (else everything will be free) and also Elisabeth mills to counter those pesky Blackmail decks -and it happens to also royally annoy Aesop, personal workshop and the upcoming London Library. Ain't it great ? :)
I don't play Jackowardo because I don't really like him but feel free to replace the Archived memories by putting 2 Howard instead, just ditch an Interns and you'll be fine.

and above all : have fun !

21 May 2015 reyda

.... the interns did not make the cut, actually :) I'm still experimenting with plan B, which was an interns at some point. Jackowardo fans, you would know what to do to include him in the deck anyway :)

21 May 2015 Syntax

Did you try Space Camp ?

21 May 2015 reyda

Finding free slots for the space camps is a real problem. What would youcut out ? To be honest, the Matrix analyzers allow me to advance installed agendas if needed.

21 May 2015 Syntax

Maybe I would go 54 ;) 20 ices on 54 is low ice for a glacier (ould say 21 or 22) but it's not the apocalypse yet. You would put +1 agenda aswell, spece camps x2 or 3 and either some money, either some recursion, it depends how nasty that change is.

I don't really understand Elisabeth Mills, too. I've been playing with 3 Breaker Bay / 2 the Root / 2 Will-o lately (in HB 49), it's been very good :) (the root still advance cards for free).

Constellation Protocol can also be an idea. ;)

21 May 2015 reyda

Sure, but 54 cards means less chance to see the tricks of light ! ;p

21 May 2015 Shannon.L

@Syntax - Elizabeth will probably make more sense to you if you remember that you can install over her after she's rezzed. If you never user her ability, you never incur the Bad Pub. Against Valencia, if you remove the initial bad pub, you really do neuter her.

It's a powerful trick, really.