CyberNetdamage Division

BTrain 2956

Zap :3

A lot of the current Cybernetics Division builds focus on forcing the runner to mess up, either by faceplanting into an Edge of World preferably with a side of Valley Grid, or by nabbing a 3-pointer and then getting Punitive'd into oblivion, but frankly, they're pretty easy to play around. So I figured I'd give this a shot and see what develops.

Spam remotes. All of them. All the time. Turtlebacks is there to make you that sweet cred, and we run a bevy of cheap ETR ice and Architect to shore up our centrals. Mushin No Shin was in here for a while, but I really like Neural EMP, especially since an overadvanced Vitruvius lets you yoink it back and use it multiple times in a turn.