Return of Randy (Northern California Regionals No.1)

nobo 1823

This is the deck I played at the regional held at Game Kastle on 5/30. There were 89 people in attendance. It was undefeated on the day, and I finished 1st seed after swiss and 1st place overall. It was 7 rounds of swiss with a cut to top 8.

Some card choices might stand out, so I thought I would give a brief overview of why I included some of the lesser played cards and how in particular I use the more standard ones.

Account Siphon:

I almost never float tags anymore, so instead of using Siphon for big plays it is mostly just for balancing out the early econ advantage that corps often have before you get set up. Against RP, I usually play a Siphon whenever I know it will land. Against NEH, you have to check remotes to make sure they can't rez in defense, but more of the same. Against ETF I will usually save up 2 Siphons and play them back to back.

In general, I feel that playing 2 Siphons as close as possible to each other is preferable, so I usually keep the first one in my hand until I draw the second, unless the corp is really leveraging their econ advantage against me and it seems important to equal things out.

The most typical sequence I do is siphon, load kati, clear tags two turns in a row, preferably when they have no drip econ running and they just stretched their econ with scoring out.

Dirty Laundry:

Many people went down to 2 Dirty Laundries or cut it entirely due to corps being more diligent about icing against Security Testing. While I understand this, I think cutting it makes your opening hands too awkward, and at 2 cost I think it fills out the lower end in the cost curve of the deck's econ.

Inside Job:

I didn't feel like the deck had slots for Inside Job and E. Shutdown, so I went with Inside Job because it can pretty much always be used at any point in the game. Even if it is just to get a Medium counter and a credit with Desp., it always has an outlet.

Legwork vs. HQI:

I really wanted to like HQI because it works so well with Stimhack and Inside Job, and it ignores Crisium Grid, but I think the extra card you see with Legwork still makes it more powerful.


Great for having to get into an RP remote with Caprice and Ash multiple times. Also good for OAI Curtain Wall, and glory runs on R&D.

Unregistered S&W:

I think having this card on the table makes a noticeable difference against RP. They almost always react by putting the first Caprice on HQ, which is preferable to in a remote, then hopefully they have to rez both when they go to make the remote play. Many people, myself included, didn't take this card seriously when it first came out (and most people still gawk when they hear I'm playing it in my deck.) I'm not doing it for novelty's sake, it's a choice that I think most crim. players should at least test and consider, and I was very happy to have it in an Ash/Caprice heavy meta.

Bank Job:

Cheap to play, great against all the major corps, with the exception of ETF single remote/Blue Sun. That being said, it is still nice to put down against those corps, forcing them to be able to rez their remote at all times. Worth the dead draw vs. CI, Tennin.

Earthrise Hotel vs. John Masanori:

My "utility" package around Worlds last year was 1 Express Delivery, 1 Hostage, 1 Kati, and 1 John Masanori. The Express was changed to Earthrise when that came out. I really enjoyed it in the dual RP-NEH meta, because Hostage functioned as a second instance of the more relevant connection, while simultaneously cutting down on dead draws.

However, in the RP heavy meta, I just wasn't putting Masanori down because of Caprice. He was still great against other corps, but eventually I decided that a second ERH would be more consistent.

1 Corroder:

A little dangerous, but there doesn't really seem to be a heavy program trashing deck that is being played right now. Just use card knowledge and know what you're about to face check.


I didn't really feel like Femme had many good targets 9 months ago, but now there is so much Tollbooth RP/ETF that a copy is probably good.

Medium vs. RDI:

The effect of Medium over RDI in terms of number of cards accessed isn't always that different, or even better, but the fact that the corp has to purge counters every once in a while puts it over the top. Taking a "free" turn every so often is huge.

Symmetrical Visage:

This was a last minute addition. I had a single copy of Sneakdoor before solely to counter HQ Caprice, but I found I was never really installing it, so I cut it for Visage the night before. Visage is super solid.

This deck needs a memchip, thinking about slotting a dyson or a q-coherence (post-errata.)

31 May 2015 Neuro

Very nice deck and congrats to the win!

31 May 2015 ctz

2014 CA Regionals: Gun was not talked about 2014 Worlds: Gun was talked about in a joking matter 2014 Store Champs: Gun Deck was used 2015 CA Regionals: Gun Deck was used and won 2015 Worlds: Gun is the new plascrete 2016: Gun is the new corroder

31 May 2015 spags

Nice job! #needsaMemstrips

31 May 2015 RubbishyUsername

I'd just like to say that I totally called S&W about a month ago. I have no proof and all I did was tell my netrunning friends, and I never built a deck with it because I'm bad at the game, but still! Outside of SanSan/Crisium, Executives and Clones and Byroids are the best upgrades in the game and this threatens every one of them.

31 May 2015 nobo

@spags 46 card-Memstrips Andy? That won't generate any heated conversation...

1 Jun 2015 say200426

Q coherence is bad.... You have to trash Q Chip when you use faerie.

1 Jun 2015 BazooKaJoe

Great write-up! Just gave me motivation to give the "GUN" a try. Agree with you on the Bank Job...I still LOVE that card. #SlotTheGun

1 Jun 2015 spags


Got a breakdown of the Top 8 dex in NoCal? Anyone?

1 Jun 2015 Myriad

Congrats on the win! I wish I had been able to stick around and watch the finals play out. It was a pleasure facing off against you for the last round of swiss.

I know a few of the top 8 Spags, but not all of them. We had 1st - Andy (this list), RP Kate and ???? - I never got to see what he was running corp wise. He played me in the top 8. MaxX and Blue Sun Lela and RP MaxX and NEH - Me And no idea on the last 3. Sorry Spags!

1 Jun 2015 tmoiynmwg

Putting that together with what I remember...

  1. @Nobo715 RP/Andy
  2. RP/Supplier Kate
  3. Bootcamp/Reg-Ass MaxX
  4. @sirris Butcher Shop/PPVP Kate

  5. EtF/Gabe

  6. @Myriad NEH/Eater MaxX
  7. RP/Leela
  8. ???
1 Jun 2015 nobo

@Myriad Thanks! That MaxX game was by far the toughest of the day.

@tmoiynmwg Myriad was also playing Butchershop. 5th place was @LightningJak, who was playing Feint in his Gabe. That deck was a nightmare.

6 Jun 2015 sruman

Supplier Kate ahead of PPVP Kate ... surprised and delighted at an "alt" kate doing so well.