Loss of Humanity

bdistracted 1

I am very new to Netrunner and have probably played a couple dozen games. This build is not done and will likely go through many changes with play and suggestions.

I do not own a Kati Jones card yet but it appears if you can use her instead of Magnum Opus that would be the way to go. This deck is extremely light on Hardware and relies heavily on the corporations bad publicity and brain damage for high impact runs while also attempting to limit the corporation's hand and choices. I have thrown in New Angeles City Hall and Reverse Data Leak to compensate for any corporation that may like to stack on the tracers.

The potential weak point for the corporation is going to be their Archives, bury it in enough bad publicity plus use Itinerant Protesters and the corp will be forced to make decisions much faster. You have a potential of 4 bad publicity plus any the Corporation may stack upon itself.

Between Paige Piper, Game Day, and Beach Party you should be able to pull out everything you need to make your runs successfully quite quickly while easily taking on the burden of the brain damage with Adjusted Chronotype, Beach Party and Wyldside.

WARNING: Do not limit yourself to less than 4 clicks if at all possible, your options become extremely limited and chances of winning will rapidly decline. If you have to make a choice between Beach Party and Wyldside I can see very little reason to not go with Beach Party. Stim Dealer will help but not for long.