Crisium Crusade v3

tzeentchling 484

Relatively straightforward Grail RP. Maybe not super en vogue right now, but still strong. Went 4-3 at the Bay Area Regionals but still made top 8 - one loss where the deck agenda flooded, and two losses against aggressive MaxX/Reina Eater-Keyhole-Siphon decks that kept me poor. The list has two Crisium Grid in specifically to address this issue, but it wasn't enough.

The Susano-O was a test, but I rarely had the money to rez it, and when I did other ice would have been just as effective. It's since been swapped out for a Swordsman, to add to that Eater hate. Wraparound in place of Eli could be valid, same with Ashigaru though it's a bit expensive again, but most of those Eater decks also pack a Corroder and/or D4V1D now. I might swap the Enigma out for another Crick, that ice is pretty good and fantastic on Archives.