EtF: ANRPC Great Lakes Circuit Bloomington, IN Winner

travisrchance 2242

Hello, all! This is the deck I used to win the ANRPC Great Lakes Circuit Qualifier today in Bloomington. I was originally inspired by another deck (Darkshift's Director Haas Glacier build), but have made some tweaks to suit my playstyle more so. I used this build (except for Turing) to win 2 Store Champs and place in 2nd in two others this year as well.

As a quick aside, I quit playing this deck for a few months after Clot was released. As my meta is prone to going all in on new cards/strategies, I assumed Clot would be everywhere--and I was right. It has since died down, with people sort of ambling on to the next groupthink or home brew deck, meaning I could play this deck again.

Personally speaking, I still rank EtF as one of the best IDs for its fundamentally abusive ability. When you couple this with their cheap taxing ICE and solid econ cards, you should have a pretty decent deck. I will, however, concede that I was scared to death about this trend of Whizzard decks (who I rank as the worst runner, because the corp determines the value of his ability--which is a meta call, I know, so please don't bother to wane intellectual on the topic).

It's pretty simple: you ideally want to get our Director Haas in a annoyingly taxing/secure server (preferably with an Ash), and just score 3 advance agendas from hand. For non-Whizzard decks, all of the trashables with things like Viper, Tollbooth, Caduceus, Ash, and NAPD is wallet-annilihating. There are definitely moments where you actually hope the runner pays to trash Haas, even though it gives them points, as you can almost always immediately follow up with an agenda in the now vacant server. Imp is a pain for this deck, and I have been known to purge if one hits the table--esp. if Grimoire was out.

With three Jacksons in the deck, you can reliably ABT for ICE. Architect also helps with all the trashables and recurring things like Adonis--though everyone and their mother plays Mimic these days.

My only loss of the day was to an 8 agenda draw in my first 20 cards against Leela. I tried to play aggressively, not expecting to get double siphoned with 2 ICE on HQ (when he was on 6 creds and had the wrong breaker in play), but hey. If my memory serves me correct, I played against: Gabe, Leela, Whizzard, Quetzal, and MaxX. I had a few close calls, but I def had a few games where everything went according to plan. Weirdly, in my very last game of the day, I had 3 facedown agendas in play compliments of a Medium run into Architect three times--I was on match point and the game state allowed for such an odd play.

I love this deck, despite Clot and this Whizzard trend of late. I do think some tweaks can be made with the influence--Wraparound just doesn't work anymore with most people playing D4v1ds and Corroders and Lady and... 3 Tollbooth seems like too much, but you almost always are happy when you rez one. The single Ichi was a last min addition and it managed to kill a Corroder and Sucker on Whizzard.

That's all for now! Thanks to Lucas Cook and Dave Kempe for hosting! Let the debate/interrogation/penis measuring begin!

OH, and here is my runner deck from the event:

14 Jun 2015 whirrun

Have you thought about griding it up? Either Breaker Bay, or maybe even oaktown. You'd probably also want to stick in some Eve's. Would this be a good option if Whizzard wasn't a thing?

14 Jun 2015 travisrchance

@whirrun Eves were in the original list--I am not a fan of the slow dividends and need to protect it, despite the long drip and buff against Siphon (which is not usually a prob). I would have to cut substantial cards to work in breaker bay, and mostly everything is already dirt cheap. This deck wants 18 ICE for sure--with Director being virtual points.

I would not add these cards.

14 Jun 2015 say200426

What is your solution play against Clot?

14 Jun 2015 travisrchance

@say200426 play glacier, which is very easy to do--I often score agendas before finding the director.

15 Jun 2015 jflans

@travisrchance I would say it was fun to play vs this deck, but after my answers to a lot of your ice (Mimic, datasucker, D4v1d) got Chronos'd away, that wouldn't be entirely true. =) Very well-piloted and unique deck. Congrats again on the win!

15 Jun 2015 x3r0h0ur

How do you feel about +2 Hive

+1 Turing

−1 Tollbooth

−2 Wraparound

Hive helps your rush game, and you said 3 booth feels heavy, and wraparound feels like a waste.

15 Jun 2015 travisrchance

@x3r0h0ur I don't think Edward Kim is nearly as useful. Totally diff deck if you ask me with way lower impact on average. Wanton is one of the best Anarch cards and nothing like Edward Kim, or Noise's, ability to me.

I thought about Hive. I think Wall of static is prob just better. Losing Wrap is losing tempo in your curve, even if you lose 1 Tollbooth. 2 Turing is def too many. It is pretty easy to play around. I think the deck is just fine personally. Edit as needed. These seem like bigger edits than what they may appear at first glance.

Anyways, thanks for posting! Just sharing my experience and what I played.

7 Jul 2015 Ver

Awesome deck.

Director Haas is supertaxing - she opens one window when rezzed. And when you are done scoring (assuming that you haven't won yet) you may even allow runner to jump on your superICEd server and steal Director for 1c more than NAPD Contract. Bam, another scoring window when runner try to grab some cash.

I won some matches on local league with this deck and now I am gonna swap one Director for Oaktown Grid and make server even more taxing.