Good Cards Conglomerate (MN Regional 1st Place)

Fictional 1522

1st place in the MN regionals at FFG. 8th seed going into the top 8 elims. Its record was 4 - 2 during swiss. And 3 - 0 in elims. 

This deck has has taxing ice as well as upgrades to help you score from a remote. And fast advance tools to keep pressure on and finish games.

The key to winning with this deck has been knowing your opponent and having this determine where ice goes and where upgrades go. Stack barriers on R&D against Kate and keep putting upgrades there to ward off Makers Eye. Protect HQ with Architect and Caprice against Eater vamp decks and they completely get shut down.

16 Jun 2015 sruman

How did quicksand preform? With the popularity of parasites, I'm afraid to try it out.

16 Jun 2015 Fictional

@sruman 2 out of the 3 times I played it on the day it got parasited very quickly. The third time it got up to 8 strength from a Morningstar and datasucker build even in that game it barely did anything. Overall I am sure there is better ice that can replace it.